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Marvel on TV (January 8 – 14)

by on January 8, 2005
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Here is the lineup of Marvel animated series for January 8 – 14, 2005. All times are Eastern. Note that schedules are subject to change without notice.

Saturday, January 8
Toon Disney
10:00pm Spider-Man (1994) “Enter the Punisher”
10:30pm Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends “The Prison Plot”
11:00pm X-Men “The Phalanx Covenant, Part 1”
11:30pm X-Men “The Phalanx Covenant, Part 2”

ABC Family
11:00am Spider-Man (1994) “Attack of the Octobot (pt 2/2)”
11:30am X-Men “Savage Land, Strange Heart, Part 1”

11:30am X-Men: Evolution “Target X”

Sunday, January 9
Toon Disney
10:00pm Spider-Man (1994) “Duel of the Hunters”
10:30pm Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends “Seven Little Superheroes”
11:00pm X-Men “Storm Front, Part 1”
11:30pm X-Men “Storm Front, Part 2”

03:30am X-Men: Evolution “Target X”

Monday, January 10
Toon Disney
09:30pm Spider-Man (1994) “Blade, the Vampire Hunter”
10:00pm Spider-Man (1994) “The Immortal Vampire”
10:30pm X-Men “Bloodlines”
11:00pm X-Men “No Mutant Is an Island”

Tuesday, January 11
Toon Disney
09:30pm Spider-Man (1994) “Tablet of Time”
10:00pm Spider-Man (1994) “Ravages of Time”
10:30pm X-Men “The Fifth Horseman”
11:00pm X-Men “Jubilee’s Fairy Tale”

Wednesday, January 12
Toon Disney
09:30pm Spider-Man (1994) “Doctor Strange”
10:00pm Spider-Man (1994) “Make a Wish (pt 1/2)”
10:30pm X-Men “Old Soldiers”
11:00pm X-Men “Hidden Agendas”

Thursday, January 13
Toon Disney
09:30pm Spider-Man (1994) “Attack of the Octobot (pt 2/2)”
10:00pm Spider-Man (1994) “Enter the Green Goblin”
10:30pm X-Men “Descent”
11:00pm X-Men “Graduation Day”

Friday, January 14
Toon Disney
09:30pm Spider-Man (1994) “Rocket Racer”
10:00pm Spider-Man (1994) “Framed”
10:30pm X-Men “Night of the Sentinels, Part 1”
11:00pm X-Men “Night of the Sentinels, Part 2”

[Source: ABC Family, Toon Disney, YTV]

You can find additional schedule information for ABC Family and Toon Disney on the Toon Zone Schedules Page.

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