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Maisie Williams To Be Transformed Into A Clay Cavegirl

by on January 18, 2017

Now that Dreamworks has cancelled Croods 2, and ABC refuses to turn their failed Cavemen sitcom into a feature film, who will deliver us a new movie based on Neanderthals? Aardman Animations has stepped up to the task and is now in production on Early Man, a stop-motion epic about a cave person with googly eyes and big buck teeth (in the Aardman tradition).

Today Aardman informed us that Maisie Williams has joined the cast of Early Man and will be playing Goona, buddy and companion to the film’s central character. A love interest status by the end is likely, since it’s a movie, but it’s not in the description. Goona is described as “a gallant and indomitable rebel who befriends the film’s hero Dug (Eddie Redmayne), and helps steer him through the clash of the Stone Age and Bronze Age civilizations.”

For Williams, the gig is a dream come true. ““I’m a huge Aardman fan – having the chance to work with Nick Park is a dream come true, especially as I get to voice such a fantastic character as Goona.  I can’t wait for audiences to meet her.” Park is the creator of Aardman’s many wondrous creations like Wallace, Gromit and Shawn the Sheep. “Maisie is a terrific actress, and she is of course no stranger to embodying a valiant heroine,” said Park, referring to her past roles as Arya on Game of Thrones and Ashildr on Doctor Who. “I’m most excited to see her breathe life into Goona – I know she’ll be the perfect ally to Eddie’s Dug.”

Early Man doesn’t come out until 2018, and might possibly not be seen until Game of Thrones wraps its run. In the meantime Williams has a long slate of movies coming out, such as A Storm in the Stars, The Forest of Hands and Teeth and Departures (she’s in a lot of weirdly-titled movies). The very next release starring Williams is iBoy, a Netflix exclusive movie releasing January 27.

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