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"Loonatics Unleashed": As Bad as You Feared

by on September 14, 2005

Don’t see it.

That was the short review.

Now to the real stuff.

I just saw twenty and a half minutes of this new show called Loonatics Unleashed, and I am still scratching my head. Its premise has futuristic versions of classic Looney Tunes characters fighting evil in the year 2772. I suppose that if you take timeless and popular cartoon characters and put them in a genre that is very popular with kids, you pretty much have an instant hit in your hands, right? Wrong!

If you heard about this show months ago and thought it was going to suck, well, you were right. Because this show is all you were afraid of, and worse. Let’s make a list:

  • Awful premise. I don’t know how on Earth an idea like this could have been approved, because the whole thing is just so stupid. I mean, futuristic Looney Tunes?
  • Bad writing. And I mean really bad. Dialogue so poor I can’t tell if it’s supposed to be funny or serious. Corny lines that put Power Rangers Season 1 to shame. Clichéd plots that involve the most generic of villains. And this first episode concerns a weapon that could freeze a whole city, which didn’t even work in Batman & Robin!
  • Soulless characters. With one exception, they’re all the same. There’s absolutely nothing that could prevent me from taking the characters and switching them up. The exception, Danger Duck, is a carbon copy of Space Jam‘s Daffy Duck: weakling comic relief.
  • Subpar animation (by Dongwoo). Walking and talking animation is mediocre and fighting animation is just plain horrible.
  • Generic voice acting. None of the characters express a personality through their voices, except maybe for Ace, who has one of the most squeaky and annoying voices I have ever heard.
  • Deja-vu backgrounds. The layouts seem to be literally retraced from Teen Titans and The Batman.

The show seems to have had no effort, no passion, no energy put into it. I can’t seriously imagine a Looney Tunes enthusiast being proud of having his name in this show’s credits. I just don’t. It’s Space Jam. On acid.

I actually wanted to get something good out of this, I wanted to judge the show on its own, not by taking into account the fact that it’s based on classic Looney Tunes. But I can’t. There were so many references to classic Looney Tunes (badly executed too, might I add) that it was impossible for me to do so. When I heard Ace saying a derivative “What’s up, Doc” line over and over, I knew it was all over.

Anyway. Loonatics Unleashed. Airs on KidsWB this Saturday. You’ll probably see it out of raw curiosity, but if this review persuades you not to lend it your eyeballs, then I will have done my job.

Loonatics Unleashed premieres Saturday, September 17, at 10:30am (ET/PT) on KidsWB.

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