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Look At This Shiny New Sonic Logo

by on January 6, 2016

Sonic the Hedgehog turns 25 next August, and Sega is fully aware. This new logo design was tweeted out yesterday from Sega’s official account. But it may be a sign of bigger things to come.

Johnny Gioel, lead singer of the band Crush 40, made a Facebook post that was later removed, but preserved by Den of Geek. It’s reproduced below:

“We are planning a few performances for 2016 to commemorate the anniversary of Sonic. We might participate in writing new songs for the anniversary game… stay tuned…”

Gioel is now working damage control, pretending he never said this. “I always try my best to respond to my fans… but I can say it is wasting time to have conversations regarding ‘future Sonic games’ with me,” he’s tweeting now.

It really isn’t much of a secret that Sega would want to sell an anniversary game to mark the occasion. Sonic’s 20th anniversary was honored with the game Sonic Generations, which many agree is a bright spot in the ‘hog’s overall dismal 3D record. Recently Sega’s honcho publicly stated he wishes to bring his star property’s reputation back up and spend more time refining the quality of new Sonic games. Can Sega pull off another Sonic Generations or will their next game hit with more of a “Boom”?

The only confirmed Sonic game for 2016 is Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice for the 3DS.
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