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Live Action Evangelion Plans Revealed: Eric Wereheim Tapped To Direct

by on March 29, 2010

Los Angeles, CA – In a press conference today on the Universal Studios lot, director Eric Wereheim and Studio Khara’s Hideki Anno announced that plans to produce the Live Action Evangelion Film are now finalized. Wereheim will take the helm of 4 90 minute films that will condense the majority of the Evangelion story-line, though some concessions will be made for North American audiences. Under pressure from the Catholic Church, the Angels have been substituted for the Corrineans, the alien race mentioned by Awesome Show regular, David Leibe Hart. Additionally, the “Neon” in Neon Genesis will be much more obvious at Wereheim intends to bring a 1980s-throwback color scheme to the mech designs, and will also bring 1980’s fashion into the character outfits. Gendo’s signature glasses will be ditched for hot pink shutter shades, and the plug suits are being traded for outfits originally designed for Poison’s 1987 world tour. Oddly enough, Rei Ayanami’s bright blue hair will be substituted for brunette in this redesign, though everyone gets Flock of Seagulls haircuts. Wereheim will also score the entire film with the help of Tim Heidecker and a CasioTone keyboard.

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