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Light Meets L In This New Death Note Clip

by on August 21, 2017

Ready for Netflix’s take on the manga/anime sensation known as Death Note? How about one more clip to tide you over?

Netflix released this clip over the weekend and it concerns Light’s first encounter with the mysterious L, the world’s greatest detective who is now hot on his trail. It hasn’t taken L very long to finger Light as the prime suspect in the rash of deaths that have been plaguing the area. Can Light make like his anime counterpart and smooth-talk his way out of this one?

Also, fair warning — this isn’t the L you’re used to seeing. I’m impartial to the bug-eyed original.

A lot about this feels different, but the original creators seem to like it. Tsugumi Oba, the writer of the manga, says “Thanks to the beautiful imagery and the thrilling direction by Adam Wingard, the movie is a magnificent A-level thriller masterpiece. The characters are all faithful to satisfying their desires.  I’ve always wanted to write a Death Note like this as well.” Taleshi Obata, the illustrator, added “It exceeded my expectations. There was high level of quality, sophistication, and attention to every detail.  This is what a Hollywood Death Note movie should be.”

Obata also said he was “engrossed with the ending,” and that it “both followed and diverged from the original work.” Sounds like this movie won’t end the same way either. See if you agree with their thoughts when Death Note premieres August 25 on Netflix. Until then you have The Defenders and “What Happened To Monday” to finish.
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