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A Look at the “Koko the Blue” Short Film Project

by on September 5, 2013

Obviously, people here at Toonzone love watching cartoons. Old or new, we love to go through them in the act of dissecting, criticizing, giving out praise, the works. Of course, some of us do more than just watch cartoons. A few of us actually make cartoons, having our own ideas and deciding to put them to use.

koko -low

I’m one of them. I have written about animation here on Toonzone and Cartoon Research, as well as freelance work in print for Hogan’s Alley Magazine. As cartoonist I’ve done illustration work, editorial cartoons and independent comic books. In animation I’ve been involved in Bill Plympton’s “Guard Dog Global Jam”, some obscure student projects, and even doing a short film called “Fishing”, which had a public screening in Boston in 2012.


After graduating from college I started work on a character I’ve been developing for a while called Koko the Blue. The main character is a teenage sorceress (originally a witch) who has to deal with her full-time job. Short-tempered and constantly frustrated, she’s also very ambitious and will do everything to get what’s needed done. She gets assistance from Jodo, her sidekick and younger brother. The two siblings have a close relationship. No matter how often they annoy each other (and it happens a lot), they stick together and look after one another. Their boss is Tofu, a 200-year-old cantankerous cat. Sometimes Koko hangs out with Marl, another sorceress about her age. She’s excitable and eccentric, having a pair of glasses permanently perched on her hat (she’s farsighted). Marl is extremely strong, although she’s not aware of this and often destroys things without trying.


The script went through development, including getting input from professional animation people and further refinement from my writing partner David Winn Jr. I ultimately used the script as a comic book, which came out in June 2013. It got positive reviews, and I ultimately did several more stories with the character. Here are four of the stories you can read online:

A-Witch Hunting We Will Go
Vacuum Turbulence and Koko’s Little Helper
Koko Has the Floor

I’ve decided to turn the “Witch Hunting” story into animation. To do this I’m teaming up with a professional team that includes animators Aaron Long (“Fester Fish”), Zoe Piel, Kyle Carrozza (Moobeard, Frog Raccoon Strawberry) and composer Kevin Bluhm (Pawn Stars). Of course, even with a small team I still need financing, so I started an IndieGoGo campaign to help get the money needed.

Koko and Jodo drawing by Kyle A. Carrozza.

Koko and Jodo drawing by Kyle A. Carrozza.

My goal is $13,000, which is nothing compared to how much Hollywood studios spend to make a short. Here’s a video we made. I did the animation and David Winn Jr., my co-writer, did the voice-overs.

Click here for more information, and also to make a pledge. You can get all sorts of perks!

Let’s get this cartoon made, shall we?

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