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Kirby Is About To Get His Own Restaurant Chain

by on July 20, 2016

Poyo poyo! When dining in Japan, Kirby Kirby Kirby is the name you should know. The pink puffball is about to launch his own string of cafes, Kirby Cafe, around the metropolises of Japan. You’ll also be able to get Kirby-themed merchandise such as pillows, buttons and phone cases, but the food is the main point.

Kirby Cafe contains delectables like….


The King Dedede Barbecue Platter with side of egg and bacon,


the Kirby-Faced Pancake Stack (eat it before it eats you!)….


….an entree that resembles the boss of Whispy Woods to an uncanny degree,


….and I don’t know what this is themed after but it looks delicious.

I would suggest that the real spice on the whole thing would be if it were possible for the food to give you specific powers for a period of time after eating it. But I guess they’re still working on that one.

The first Kirby Cafe will open August 5 in Osaka, followed by a location in Nagoya August 24. There’ll also be one in Tokyo soon.

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