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Kids Spent More than $1.5 Billion on Digital Gaming in 2012

by on February 12, 2013

In the first half of 2012, kids in the US, UK, France, Germany, Australia, South Korea, and Japan spent more than $750 million on different digital gaming activities, including downloading mobile gaming apps, purchasing virtual items in free-to-play computer and mobile games, subscribing to premium memberships, and acquiring digital games and DLC content for console and portable game devices.

According to the study titled Gamebyte, a syndicated global research product from Interpret LLC, which studies digital gamers ages 6-64 in ten global markets, including  China, Brazil, and Russia, this growth will translate into over $1.5 billion for the year in these markets.

“Among the 112 million kids in these markets, 86 million have adopted at least one form of digital gaming and the majority of them have spent money on their hobby,” said Yuanzhe (Michael) Cai, VP of Research at Interpret. “Despite the impressive aggregate numbers, an average kid in the aforementioned seven countries only spent $25 on digital games in a six month time frame, disproportionate to the amount of time they spent on such content, suggesting a significant monetization opportunity.”

Mobile games, already accounting for one third of digital gaming revenue, are important growth drivers given the rapidly increasing penetration of smartphones and tablets globally.

“In addition to apps and in-game items, smart toys that combine physical toys, virtual gaming worlds, and mobile devices, such as Skylanders Lost Islands from Activision, Mattel’s Apptivity, and Infinity Project from Disney, will propel the industry forward,” commented Cai. “Let’s also not forget about the huge market in China, where close to one half of these young digital gamers reside.”

GameByte is a syndicated study designed to understand cross-platform digital gaming adoption and behavior in key global markets. Conducted twice a year, it includes market and revenue sizing as well as attitude and behavior data for a variety of digital gaming business models for consoles, mobile devices and PCs, including downloadable game apps and in-app purchases, subscription MMOs, freemium online games, downloadable content (DLC) on consoles, casual games, and social games. Kids 6-12 and teens/adults 13+ are included in the sample, and countries covered include US, UK, France, Germany, China, Japan, Brazil, Australia, South Korea and Russia.

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