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"Kiddy Grade" Rocks. It Just Does.

by on September 20, 2004

Kiddy Grade Volume 5 “The Freedom Of Truth”

On the run from their former employers, Eclair and Lumiere are frantically trying to find safety. With their former allies, members of the ES Force, ordered to bring them in dead or alive, things go from bad to worse when Lumiere’s life is on the line and their ship and mech go berserk. Will the truth about their past lives come to light, or are these criminals on their last legs?

Episodes Included On This Disc
Episode 13: “Conflict/Destiny”
Episode 14: “Steel/Heart”
Episode 15: “Break/Down”

When we last left the girls of Kiddy Grade, they had disobeyed the Galactic Organization of Trade and Tariffs by defending a planet’s unwilling slaves. The duo is now on the run from the GOTT, who has sent the ES Force members, cybernetically-enhanced humans, similar to our own Eclair and Lumiere, to track them down. They went against a direct order and aided a revolution, and are thus marked for death.

When you’re on the run, the situation’s going to be perennially bad. Did you ever see David Banner NOT Hulk out on that show? What about the Fugitive? Wait, no… he never hulked out, but he was still on the run, and… forget it. Though that would have been cool to see Harrison Ford get all big and green.

Anyways, to kick things off, ES Force members Un-ou and A-ou have been dispatched to retrieve the pair. When an injury in a space dogfight nearly kills Lumiere, Eclair must take her to a doctor she knew long ago. Everyone ends up meeting on a space colony that has seen better days, decades before the war that they in fact took part in decades ago, which lead to A-ou and Un-ou joining GOTT.

Wait, decades ago? How did they fight in a war decades ago when, at oldest, Eclair is a teenager? We get a nice flashback of the pair meeting this Doctor, but they don’t look exactly the same. As par for the course, Kiddy Grade throws a few hints of the past in here, but no real coherent backstory has shown up. Curse you, tantalizing Chicken McNuggets of history.

With the threat of A-ou and Un-ou quelled, along with Lumiere’s life no longer on the line, another pair of ES Force members are sent. The sibling pair of Tweedledee and Tweedledum use their hacking abilities to attack them from the inside. They load the virus “Hashish,” a program driving mechanations to kill without remorse, into their aides (The La Muse, their ship, and Donnersclag, their mech). Stuck on a barely-habitable planet, the pair are on the run from the only things that could help them escape. I’ll say this without spoiling anything- it doesn’t end like you’d expect it to.

Returning to GOTT’s headquarters leads to a major gunfight: all the ES Force members versus Eclair and Lumiere. For a while, we’ve been under the assumption that Ecliar and Lumiere really were the heroes, even if they were fugitives. But… are they capable of killing those they used to work with and trusted?

Extras. You get the image gallery, creditless ending, ES Force Team Dossier (Un-ou crossdresses? I just thought he was one of those pretty boys, but instead, he’s ACTUALLY wearing female clothing), trailers, and profiles. Standard stuff.

Have you been watching it so far? Then you must catch this one. I always love a good shake-up in a series. I was awed when the Command Center blew up, heroes died, and powers were lost on Power Rangers. It’s certainly interesting to see friends become enemies and places go boom in Kiddy Grade. Kiddy Grade keeps making the grade, and this volume kicks it up to A+.

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