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Kevin Monroe and Thomas K. Gray on CGI "Gatchaman" and Killing "Cat Tales"

by on January 11, 2007

Director Kevin Munroe and producer Thomas K. Gray have spoken about two different animated feature film projects currently in progress at Imagi Entertainment Studios. The first is a feature at IGN.com, where the two provide a progress report for their feature film based on the Japanese anime Gatchaman, known to many in America as Battle of the Planets or G-Force. Munroe states that the crew is “in the middle of the script right now” and some early story boards are in progress. The article also discusses what lessons were learned during the production of TMNT, which will bring the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles back to the big screen in March.

Meanwhile, at SciFi Wire, the pair discuss the decision to pull the plug on Cat Tale, an animated family film that was to feature the voices of Angelina Jolie and 80’s rock star Billy Idol. Gray states that the decision to cancel the project, even after several million have already been invested in it, was at least partially influenced by the recent failures of several CGI funny talking animal films. This article also notes that the studio is working on a feature-film adaptation of Osamu Tezuka’s Astro Boy in addition to Gatchaman.

(Gatchaman news via Comic Book Resources Comics Reel; Cat Tale via Toon Zone member Daikun)

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