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"Kekko Kamen" Bare-Skinned Hero, Bare-Bones Disc, Brain-Dead Fun

by on April 10, 2005

WARNING: The following review is of a “TV MA-VSL” DVD featuring massive amounts of flesh. This disc is absolutely not appropriate for children. So if you’re not old enough to watch South Park or buy Halo, stop reading now.

Kamen Rider: The masked-motorcyclist-bug-dude who defends the world.

Tuxedo Kamen: The masked man in a suit who saved Sailor Moon on countless occasions.

Kekko Kamen: The masked woman who saves the students at the Spartan Institute of Higher Education from the Big Toe of Satan, wearing boots, a mask, and not much else.

Ah, Kekko Kamen. I have a history with this title; back when Suncoasts still existed (I know they still do, but they’ve evacuated Georgia), I always remembered seeing this VHS tape on the shelf. This hormonal kid found the concept of a naked superheroine… intriguing, especially since Kamen appeared to be not exactly a hentai (though it’s not like Suncoast ever differentiated). I had no idea who Go Nagai or Cutey Honey was, but dang if that box art didn’t make me want to see it.

Sue me, I was twelve.

Skip forward to 2005: ADV has ventured deep into their vault and brought this four-episode series to the DVD format. But can two hours of an animated exhibitionist hold the interest of an admittedly only slighly more mature me?

The first episode welcomes us to the Big Toenail of Satan’s Spartan Institute of Higher Education. In this school, grades are all that matter. Get bad grades, and you don’t get kicked out of class… you get tortured. But only if you’re female, dumb, and pretty. Principal Big Toenail of Satan and Teacher Ben are the animé demon-mask form of Cobra Commander and… a teacher named “Ben.” With a surgical mask! That makes him extra evil. Today they have their eyes set on Mayumi Takahashi, a particularly ditzy girl.

There’s one warrior to protect these unfortunate students. Kekko Kamen, the “dynamic denuded damsel,” is the woman who saves the day. Her “monsters of the week” consist of the Punishment Counselors, goofs who perform the discipline in the school. They consist of a Nazi dominatrix, a steroid-infused Gym Teacher, a tentacle-crazy exchange student android (fulfilling my “freaky zombie porn-bot” quota), and a snap-crazy samurai.

Though it does have bare breasts and nipples, Kekko Kamen is not porn. The cover should tell you that it’s very cheesy and very fanservicey, and I’m telling you that it’s very funny. Almost as if Sailor Moon and Go Nagai had a child (there’s a disturbing thought). One condition: you have to watch this series with your brain removed (really, entirely detached). If you can’t do that then this isn’t for you. There’s no deep plot, there are no real mysteries. It’s pure “teachers want to see students naked, Kekko Kamen wants to save the day, fights ensue.” You can see the setups miles away. If you still have your brain in, that is.

Unfortunately the disc’s extras are as bare as its protagonist. Trailers and original sketches. Go ADV. I know, overwhelming.

Kekko Kamen is a very simple release. Four episodes of simplistic story, simplistic fun, and simplistic extras. If you can pick it up on the cheap, and you like goofy and cheesy, Kekko Kamen‘s good for a laugh, but definitely don’t pay too much for it. A rental’s your best option.

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