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"Justice League: New Frontier" Interviews Around the Web

by on February 19, 2008

Several interviews related to the upcoming direct-to-video movie Justice League: The New Frontier are available on-line. Newsarama’s Animated Shorts has interviewed scripter Stan Berkowitz and director Dave Bullock about producing the movie. Berkowitz discusses the choices he had to make to whittle down the 400+ page graphic novel to a 75-minute movie, and also how the economics of comics and movies differ. Bullock also discusses the length of the movie, the challenges he faced as a first-time director on a feature-length movie, how he directed the voice actors on the movie, and some of his upcoming projects.

Finally, Darwyn Cooke, writer/artist of the original graphic novel and served as a writer for the DTV movie, was interviewed at Comic Book Resources, where he discussed the process of translating book to video, the exact role he played during the movie’s production, the contents of the upcoming New Frontier one-shot comic coming in early March, the (dim) prospects of a sequel to the New Frontier graphic novel, and his other comic book work.

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