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Justice League Critiqued: "Metamorphosis Part 1"

by on October 7, 2002

Welcome to a new installment of Justice League Critiqued. Remember, the opinions expressed in this article is solely that of the author and not of Toon Zone.

Justice League Critiqued
By Anthony Garritano


Well, I must say that “Metamorphosis Part 1” didn’t exactly do it for me. Before I get bombarded with death threats, I will say that it was an okay episode, but it just didn’t have that extra touch to make it great in my mind.


Discuss The Episode HereFirst the pros. The action sequences were skillful. Green Lantern stopping that train in the first scene was masterful. Also, the confrontation between GL and Metamorpho at the end was well done. In general, the animation was superior. Metamorpho’s shape-shifting abilities were a joy to behold. And the character designs were excellent. You can tell that Timm and company took great pains to capture the original feel of these characters from their comic book roots.

Now for the cons. What disappointed me most were the characterizations. What I mean is that all the guest characters seemed so stereotypically over the top. Think about it, you had the evil, jealous father who uses his cash and big and stupid henchman to exact revenge on his daughter’s love interest before he loses her forever. It all brings a tear to my eye. Not! It’s just so cliché; so trite; so melodramatic. I’m used to more sophisticated stories like the Arthurian legend in “A Knight of Shadows,” the Amazonian lineage questioned in “Fury,” the bonds of family tested in “The Enemy Below,” not this overly simplistic, one-dimensional story we’re being treated to in “Metamorphosis Part 1”.


Discuss The Episode HereI’ve said my peace so I’ll end it here. Who knows, maybe part two will impress me, but given that it will showcase a huge, green, radioactive-looking blob destroying a city a la Godzilla I just don’t think so.


Discuss The Episode Here! Stay tuned for more Justice League news and updates here at TZN!

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