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‘Justice League’ and ‘Batman Beyond’ DVD Press Release

by on February 9, 2006

WHV has released the official press release for the upcoming March 21st release of Justice League: The Complete First Season and Batman Beyond: The Complete First Season.

BURBANK, CA (February 9, 2006) – No crime is left unpunished as Warner Home Video (WHV) and DC Comics bring the most courageous superheroes to DVD. A comic lovers’ dream, Justice League: The Animated Series Season 1 and Batman Beyond: Season 1 will be available for the first time as complete season sets on March 21, 2006.

Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter and Hawkgirl will combine their superpowers for the good of mankind in Justice League: The Animated Series Season 1, available for the first time in one boxed set. Alone they are powerful, but together the Justice League is unstoppable. From the smash hit TV series, Season 1 features the seven superheroes as they save Aquaman from a terrible demise and clear Green Lantern’s name from a vicious claim of genocide. In 26 thrilling episodes, the Justice League battles favorite villains including Lex Luthor, Vandal Savage and sorceress Morgan Le Fey. The triumphant tales in Justice League: The Animated Series Season 1 are jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring adventures put together in an action-packed 4-disc collector’s set containing all 26 episodes. DVD extras include:

• Audio Commentaries: Audio commentaries with the creators and directors of the series.
• Inside Justice League: Warner Bros. Animation pitch promo that helped secure the green light for the Justice League show.
• The Look of the League: Bruce Timm explains character design of Justice League.
• Storyboard: The Blueprint for Justice: The creative team of Justice League discusses storyboarding process.
• Justice League: The First Mission: Watch this exciting “Never Seen Before” promo which helped Justice League leap into action.

In addition to this terrific look at the power of teamwork, WHV will release Batman Beyond: Season 1. Considered to be an edgier interpretation of the superhero than all other animated series, this fresh take on the Batman saga follows Terry McGinnis, an ordinary teenager whose father is mysteriously murdered. Suspecting foul play at his father’s company Wayne/Powers Corporation, Terry meets Bruce Wayne and learns of his secret identity. Wayne is now too old to fight injustice, so Terry steals the Batsuit in search of his father’s assassin. Season 1 of this futuristic Batman series features the new partnerships between the renowned ex-crime fighter and his new apprentice in this 2-disc collectors DVD set containing all 13 episodes. DVD extras include:

• Audio Commentaries: Audio Commentaries with the creators and the directors of the series.
• Music of The Knight: Bruce Timm intro’s the music from five key scenes of Batman Beyond as you choose which one you would like to hear with dramatic “music only”.
• Inside Batman Beyond: Every Batman fan wishes they could sit at a table with it’s creators of the series. Well, now here’s a chance for that to take place with a few surprises.
• Easter Egg: Smells Like Creamed Spinach: A music video of the “demo” version of the Batman Beyond main theme complete with an introduction by Bruce Timm.

“For decades, superheroes have shown us the benefits of good versus evil and the power of working together,” said Dorinda Marticorena, WHV Vice President, Kids and Sports Marketing. “We are thrilled to be releasing two incredible DVD sets that update the traditional superhero story for avid collectors and comic fans.”

Click here for more information on these releases.

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