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Joanna Priestley: Cartoons as Cultural Seminar

by on January 26, 2005

Joanna Priestley’s oeuvre, recently self-released and self-distributed on the two DVD volumes Relative Orbits and Fighting Gravity, comprises some of the most boring animation I have ever seen. These shorts are so dull they are almost restful: you will feel suspense or engagement only when wondering if their perfect and undifferentiated tedium could possibly be maintained all the way to the end. Purchase these DVDs only if you think that public television has grown “too wacky” since the retirement of Robert MacNeil.

Still here?

Okay then. Now that 98% of our readers have saluted with a “Whatever you say, Maxie!” and marched off to read Knux Five’s latest meditation on Japanese ‘bot-porn, let’s get into it. These DVDs are not quite as bad I’ve made out above, but I doubt the general reader will be much interested in seeing me whittle down my negativity into a more nuanced form.


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