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The Jetsons To Be Revived In The Form of A Live-Action Sitcom

by on August 17, 2017

Remember George Jetson? His boy Elroy? Daughter Judy? Jane, his wife? How would they look if real people stuffed themselves into their 60’s-era future-vision clothing and acted out their parts? We’re about to find out.

ABC has ordered a new Jetsons TV series in the form of a live-action sitcom. The pilot is currently being put together by Gary Janetti, formerly of Family Guy and Will & Grace before that. This isn’t just a pilot deal — it’s what’s known in the biz as a “put-pilot order,” meaning if ABC doesn’t pick up the show to series, it’ll pay a financial penalty. It gets worse: the show this network just completely committed itself to making, based on a Hanna-Barbera cartoon, is multi-cam.

Can you picture in your head any version of a multi-cam, laugh-track-heavy live action sitcom based on The Jetsons that isn’t terrible?

What makes the original Jetsons timeless is that the future the cartoon predicts will NEVER happen. We will never build immense flying saucer shaped homes on giant sticks, eat small pills for dinner, or build our smartphones out of giant gears from Spacely Sprockets. In the 60’s, the show had an excuse for portraying things this way — it was based on way-past-dated predictions that were supposed to come true sometime around 1994 but didn’t. What are they going to do now?

The obvious answer would be to come up with some new takes on the future, but we’ve come to the point where we’re carrying robots in our pockets that we can tell to “Search For Chinese Food” and they’ll actually respond to us. In the very near future our cars will drive themselves and our packages will come via small floating aircraft. How do you exaggerate that?

The Jetsons sitcom is just the latest attempt by Warner Bros. to do something, anything with this property after multiple attempts at a movie have sputtered and crashed. It currently has no release window. ABC, stop this crazy thing!
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