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Japanese Plastic Resources At Critical Low, Blames Hobby Industry

by on April 1, 2010

Japan is running dangerously low on plastic resources and the blame is being pointed at the country’s well known hobby industry. Companies such as Bandai, Takaratomy and SEGA are being blamed for the crisis which has left the country with no available plastic for more common household items such as cups and chairs. Environmental officers have accussed the companies of being highly wasteful with their finite resource, citing how the hobby industry output is now over 400 times as large as it was at its start.

Environmental official Haibit Tsukantsai comments that ‘The state of what is meant to be a luxury industry is extremely wasteful. Our findings show that these companies have been negligent with their stranglehold of this material, bloating their market with needless minor variations’. Tsukantsai’s report makes specific focus on this claim, with allegations that most companies involved often release a ‘desireable item’ before re-releasing it with minor new additions less than a quarter of a year later. The accusations have been contested by a manufacturer’s coalition led by Bandai, itself in the middle of a ‘Gunpla 30th Anniversary’ clear parts re-release campaign.

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