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Introduction to Gundam Week: Top 5 Mobile Suits – Top 5 Kookiest Mobile Suits

by on March 14, 2010

With the 30th anniversary of Gundam just recently passing, it is only appropriate that we at toonzone decided to take a moment to celebrate the astonishing mark Gundam has made within the animation universe. I’m not entirely sure anyone expected a show about giant robots to continually find new ideas to explore with said machines. These ideas continue to seemingly please the fans as more products, movies and, of course, shows are produced almost annually. It is very likely Gundam will be around for quite some time, and rightfully so as it is impossible to replace the greatness that the franchise brings to the table. With all of that being said, toonzone presents Gundam Week, and to kick things off we are presenting the Top 5 Mobile Suits, along with the Top 5 Kookiest Mobile Suits. Suit up!

Top 5 Mobile Suits

5. Gundam Exia

When it comes to close combat, Exia is about as brutal as they come. Exia specifically utilizes quite an assortment of swords (the Seven Sword System), with its primary being the GN sword. Typical sword fighting with Gundam’s usually happens with beam sabers, but in this case it becomes just a bit more interesting by utilizing the GN sword, among others while combating other machines. While the 00-raiser is also a quite competent machine, the Exia goes a long way in showing how in some cases simplicity is pure sweetness. Oh, and it would be a crime to not mention how incredibly badass it is when Setsuna first utilizes the Trans-am system and overtakes Ali Al-saachez. Exia’s stealthy and quick movement along with a great offensive style makes it a great mobile suit and number five on the list.

4. God Gundam

God Gundam is easily one of the best designed Mobile Suits to ever come from a Gundam series. That says a lot considering the large amount of suits that exists. This is most notably seen during God Gundam’s super mode, when the internal generator becomes exposed and the six that generate a ring of fire, making it quite simply an awesome piece of machine for anyone to look at. Accompanied by various unique moves, such as the God Finger and God Slash the God Gundam is a formidable opponent to any of its kind. Domon of course makes full use of the Gundam with his spontaneous fighting style. This amazing design and fighting style puts God Gundam at a solid fourth place.

3. Epyon Gundam

Gundam Wing’s Epyon Gundam has inspired both worship and scornful disdain from the show’s dedicated fanbase. Its most fervent supporters love its devilish motif, its speed, and the undeniably innovative “heat rod” whip that cuts through mobile suits like butter. Detractors are fond of claiming that it’s a poor match for Wing Zero, which is armed with its almighty Twin Buster Rifle whereas Epyon is entirely designed for close range combat. In practice, however, the Epyon is as lethal as it is unusual, proving a match for Wing Zero and its legions of foes time and again. Its power was firmly established when it managed to sink Space Fortress Barge with its fully powered beam sword, a feat that precious few machines in Gundam history are capable of matching, placing it at number three on toonzone’s Top 5 Mobile Suits list.

2. Altron Gundam

In terms of pure awesome, you can’t get much better than combining a Gundam and a dragon. This combination has all the means to be great, and through the Altron Gundam we can see that this assumption is completely true. Altron takes all of the positives Shenlong had and decides to improve them. This includes a double-ended twin beam trident, wing binders for increased mobility and a pair of beam cannons on a stinger tail. Of course, power and ability alone aren’t enough to make the Altron Gundam so impressive; it also has a sleek design, complimented by a nice color scheme. While some Gundams can be boring to look at, and others can be painful, Altron gets everything just right, making it number two on our list.

1. Zeta Gundam

Up until the Zeta Gundam made its debut the Titans and AEUG seemed to be evenly matched, but this mobile suit takes everyone by surprise by its miraculous performance. Of course this is only made possible through the excellent piloting skills of Kamille Bidan, who is the only one capable of using the Gundam to its highest potential. The most unique feature of the Zeta is its Bio-Sensor, which allows Kamille to fully utilize his newtype abilities, perhaps something that would have saved Amuro a lot of trouble during his battles in Mobile Suit Gundam. This combined with its ability to transform makes Zeta a highly desirable Gundam, as well as the clear winner for Top Mobile Suit.

Top 5 Kookiest Mobile Suits

5. Nobel Gundam

In terms of kooky, G Gundam certainly has many, many designs that could have made this list. For the sake of diversity, we decided it would be best to narrow this down to none other than the Sailor Moon Gundam, which is commonly referred to as Nobel Gundam. The innocent school-girl appearance of the Gundam is something to certainly catch the eye of any viewer. This “innocence” however stops right there, when we quickly learn how agile the mobile suit it, making it quite a dangerous enemy. This is, of course, complimented by the pilot, Allenby Beardsley, who while in berserker mode is almost in a league of her own. This spunky and fun design combined with its impressive combat skills makes Nobel Gundam the last suit to finish the Top 5 Kookiest Mobile Suits list.

4. Seravee Gundam

Gundam 00’s Seravee Gundam is a very, very strange design. For starters, the general idea of it and its predecessor Gundam Virtue is seemingly implausible. Ever since the original RX-78 Gundam distinguished itself with unprecedented performance and speed in addition to its impressive power, Gundams have traditionally tended to be lean mean killing machines more often than not. In contrast, Seravee is a heavily-armored hulk that’s armed to the teeth with heavy beam cannons. As if that weren’t enough, Seravee distinguishes itself from its earlier model with plenty of hidden secrets. Hidden hands, plenty of extra beam sabers, and other concealed surprises enable Seravee to hold its own against mobile suits of arguably greater power and certainly greater mobility. Time and again, foes underestimate Seravee and Gundam Meister Tieria Erde at their peril. As if all that weren’t enough, Seravee has a Gundam face on its back. Now that is kooky, placing it fourth on the list.

3. Devil Gundam

The Devil Gundam is incredibly kooky, if only for the fact that it is a seemingly relentless machine with a large amount of transformations to top each previous form. Let’s not forget the sheer size of the machine either when the viewer is first introduced to it; compared to it any other Gundam seems to be the size on an ant. Of course, perhaps the most astonishing factor of the Devil Gundam, aside from its immense power and relentless amount of energy is the fact that at its core is none other than Rain Mikamaru. While mobile suits are typically piloted by a human, in this case it just takes a completely different spin on that idea, fueling off of a human rather than needing one pilot it, making Devil Gundam number three.

2. Zakrello

Often times when mobile suits are thought of, most everyone typically thinks of a Gundam first. In this case though, Zakrello is by far one of the silliest, kookiest, looking suits out there. The incredibly large claws combined with the distorted vampire-like face certainly would make any viewer raise an eyebrow and question why such a thing is out on the front lines. In terms of power, the Zakrello hardly has any, its speed really being the only thing that does it any good. The inability to dodge makes the suit rather useless against a Gundam, but this doesn’t change the fact that it is hilariously kooky. In that essence, the Zakrello suit takes number two on the Top 5 Kookiest Mobile Suits list. 

1. Wing Zero Custom

Wing Zero by itself is an incredibly intense suit. The mobile suit’s ability to destroy an entire colony with the twin buster rifle makes it a tough match for any other suit. This, combined with the “neo-bird” mode allows it to make quick, surprising attacks on the enemy before they even realize they are dealing with a Gundam. Of course, none of this really makes it kooky; this part comes into play during Endless Waltz, when the Wing Zero Custom is introduced and the “neo-bird” mode is dropped for four angelic wings. This in turn makes Wing Zero look like a bird while flying, and of course gives it a rather odd appearance. This odd appearance doesn’t change the fact that the Wing Zero Custom is still an incredibly powerful suit. This kooky, yet awesome design and power makes Wing Zero Custom number one on the Top 5 Kookiest Mobile Suits list.


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