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Giant Robots Battle Jumbo Kaiju Prawns In Pacific Rim Trailer

by on May 16, 2013

Back in the good old days there was simply that big fire-breathing dinosaur lizard Godzilla attacking Tokyo and causing normally placid Japanese people to scream and run away in black and white terror. But after Godzilla, there were all sorts of Kaiju [Japanese for strange beast or monster]. The Kaiju gate had been busted wide open for the likes of Mothra, Ghidrah and even the Smog Monster. Now, it has come full circle as the new trailer for the upcoming [release date July 12, 2013] “Pacific Rim” film shows us that there is a new jumbo prawn on the block and it’s not taking no for an answer – not even from giant robots created by mankind to battle them in San Francisco, Manila and Cabo [because the Kaiju love to winter in Cabo with a batch of margaritas]. Take it easy Atlantic, Indian and Arctic Ocean-dwelling peoples, the Pacific rim villages got yer back…

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