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Genius Products Announces "Legend of the Dragon" DVD

by on October 18, 2006


Genius’ LEGEND OF THE DRAGON On The Heels Of Its’
7-Day-A-Week Debut On Disney/Jetix


LOS ANGELES, CA (October 4, 2006) – Top independent home entertainment company Genius Products has set October 31, 2006, for the first release of BKN’s new hit animated action-adventure series, LEGEND OF THE DRAGON. Genius Products will launch the LEGEND OF THE DRAGON DVD line following its debut on Disney/Jetix, where the animated series airs seven days a week.

Released with a Suggested Retail Price of $19.95, Genius Products offers the first four completed episodes of the series, including “Trial by Fire”-Volume I; “Trial by Fire”-Volume II; “Eye On the Tiger”; and “Hero Worship.”

China…A land of ancient mysteries and modern wonders. In a world where old meets new, dark meets light, the universal balance of Yin and Yang is held in harmony by one – The Golden Dragon. Without balance, the world teeters on the brink. The Twelve Signs of the Ancient Chinese Zodiac each has its own temple, and each temple has its own guardian. The guardians undergo a physical change when they are forced to defend their temple, a metamorphosis that reflects the skills and likeness of the zodiac creature they represent. If one could actually attain these twelve astonishing ancient powers they would become virtually unstoppable. Which is precisely what the ZODIAC MASTER has been attempting to do. Only one thing has stood in his way – THE GOLDEN DRAGON! ANG and LING are twins born in the year of the Dragon – a brother and sister with a unique destiny. Ang is attracted by the light, Ling by the darkness…
Ang Leung, never dreamed that he would be the next Golden Dragon. He always assumed his twin sister, Ling, the best fighter of the Dragon Dojo run by their mentor MASTER CHIN, was next in line. Ling is deeply humiliated when her brother is chosen, and swears to take vengeance upon those who betrayed her, starting with her brother and Master Chin. Her hatred leads her to the Zodiac Master and a path into darkness as she becomes the SHADOW DRAGON…

LEGEND OF THE DRAGON is a BKN Production, produced and created by Rick Ungar and written and developed by Sean Catherine Derek.

Descriptions of the LEGEND OF THE DRAGON DVD Episodes:

Trial by Fire – Part One
The last Golden Dragon has passed on and a new Dragon must be chosen before evil strikes. Master Chin takes the twins to the secret Temple of the Dragons (hidden inside the mountain beneath the Dragon Dojo in Hong Kong ). At the temple, Master Chin presents the Band of Power to the next Golden Dragon – 15-year-old Ang Leung! While Ang’s twin sister, Ling, protests, the Zodiac Master attacks. Ang transforms into the Golden Dragon and drives him off. Unwilling to accept second place, Ling disappears leaving Ang filled with apprehension … he’s too young and inexperienced … is he really ready to be the Golden Dragon?

Trial by Fire – Part Two
Ang has only been Golden Dragon for one day but he’s already overwhelmed. Not only has his twin sister disappeared, but Xuan Chi, the Monkey Guardian, showed up demanding that the Golden Dragon help find his pirated power band which, for all anyone knows, might have been sold along with the rest of his temple to any one of a hundred museums around the world. But things only get worse for Ang when the Zodiac Master lures Ling to the dark side, bestowing on her the power band of the Dragon of the Darkest Yin. Now, the fledgling Golden Dragon, must face off against his own twin sister, who has become THE SHADOW DRAGON!

Eye on the Tiger
The Zodiac Master targets the Temple of the Tigers, not caring that Beingal, the Tiger Guardian, was once one of Ling’s dearest friends. Beingal puts up a noble fight, but the Shadow Dragon defeats her and Zodiac Master takes the power of Tiger. Later, the Zodiac Master uses the Tiger power against the Golden Dragon, while Ling, the Shadow Dragon, suddenly discovers what it means to have a monkey on your back – thanks to Xuan Chi.

Hero Worship
Ang can hardly contain himself when he finds out that his favorite martial arts movie star, Wang Lee, is filming his latest epic on location in downtown Hong Kong . Alas, Zodiac Master learns from Ling of Ang’s interest in the actor, and tries to take Wang hostage. Ang prevents the abduction and hides Wang Lee in the old dojo, only to discover that his hero is a pampered, spoiled egotist – who may prove to be more trouble than he is worth.

About BKN International A.G.
BKN International A.G. is a global animation company engaged in the distribution and marketing of animated children’s television programs and the marketing of related consumer products (licensing and merchandising) in all forms. BKN has worked on numerous successful animation projects. The Company is currently listed on the Deutsche Bourse and AIM and it operates all over the world. BKN has successfully negotiated distribution deals in over 80 countries and territories in the children’s programming market.

About Genius Products
Genius Products, LLC. (OTCBB:GNPI) is a leading independent home-entertainment distribution company that produces, licenses, and distributes a valuable library of motion pictures, television programming, family, lifestyle and trend entertainment on DVD and other emerging platforms through its expansive network of retailers throughout the U.S. Genius handles the distribution, marketing and sales for such brands as Asian Extreme, Baby Genius, Dragon Dynasty, ESPN, IFC, NBC News, Sundance Channel Home Entertainment, Wellspring, and The Weinstein Company. The managing member of Genius Products, LLC is Genius Products, Inc. (OTC BB: GNPI), which holds a 30% equity interest in Genius Products, LLC.

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