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FUNimation Announces New 2007 Titles

by on December 6, 2006

FUNimation has released its DVD schedule for January through April of the new year. New series include Gonzo’s Solty Rei, the shoujo title Peach Girl and Afro Samurai which will also be airing on Spike TV. Additionally, series Baki the Grappler, Kodocha, Galaxy Railways, Burst Angel, Samurai 7 and Tenchi Muyo! Ryo Ohki will all be receiving box sets. The full list of releases is below.

FUNimation DVD Releases: January – April 2007
Release Date
January 2ndBaki the Grappler Vol. 11: Buren’s Experiment41-44$24.98
January 2ndBasilisk Vol. 4: Tokaido Road13-16$29.98
January 2ndBasilisk Vol. 4: Tokaido Road – Limited Edition13-16$34.98
January 9thFull Metal Panic! The Second Raid: Tactical Ops Vol. 25-7$29.98
January 9thMoonPhase: Phase 311-14$29.98
January 9thNegima: Magic 501 – Magic Outside the Classroom19-22$29.98
January 9thNegima: Magic 501 – Magic Outside the Classroom – Limited Edition19-22$34.98
January 16thSpeed Grapher: Five17-20$29.98
January 16thSpeed Grapher: Five – Limited Edition17-20$34.98
January 23rdBaki the Grappler Box Set 11-24$89.98
January 23rdSolty Rei: One1-6$29.98
January 23rdSolty Rei Starter Set1-6$39.98
January 30thBlack Cat Vol. 2: The Catastrophe5-8$29.98
January 30thTrinity Blood: Chapter IV13-16$29.98
January 30thTrinity Blood: Chapter IV – Limited Edition13-16$34.98

February 6thCase Closed Vol. 2.2: Cracking the Perfect Alibi34-39$29.98
February 6thDragon Ball Z Season One1-39$49.98
February 6thGalaxy Railways Box Set1-26$59.98
February 6thKodocha Vol. 11: Down the Drain41-44$29.98
February 6thRobotech: The Shadow ChroniclesMovie$29.98
February 6thRumbling Hearts: Two6-10$29.98
February 6thShinobiMovie$24.98
February 20thBasilisk Vol. 5: The Shades of Night17-20$29.98
February 20thBasilisk Vol. 5: The Shades of Night – Limited Edition17-20$34.98
February 20thMoonPhase: Phase 415-18$29.98
February 20thNegima: Magic 601 – Magic and the Dark Arts23-26$29.98
February 20thNegima: Magic 601 – Magic and the Dark Arts – Limited Edition23-26$34.98
February 20thOriginMovie$29.98
February 27thBaki the Grappler Vol. 12: Last Blood45-48$24.98
February 27thKodocha Box Set 11-24$79.98

March 6thFull Metal Panic! The Second Raid: Tactical Ops 38-10$29.98
March 6thSolty Rei: Two7-10$29.98
March 6thSpeed Grapher: Six21-24$29.98
March 6thSpeed Grapher: Six – Limited Edition21-24$34.98
March 13thTrinity Blood: Chapter V17-20$29.98
March 13thTrinity Blood: Chapter V – Limited Edition17-20$34.98
March 20thBlack Cat Vol. 3: Cat and Mouse9-12$29.98
March 20thYu Yu Hakusho: Team of Four43-56$34.98
March 27thAfro Samurai: Spike TV Version1-5$19.98
March 27thAfro Samurai: Uncut Version1-5$39.98
March 27thBasilisk Vol. 6: Fate’s Final Hour21-24$29.98
March 27thBasilisk Vol. 6: Fate’s Final Hour – Limited Edition21-24$34.98
March 27thBurst Angel Box Set1-24$89.98
March 27thRumbling Hearts: Three11-14$29.98
March 27thSamurai 7 Box Set1-26$99.98

April 3rdKodocha Vol. 12: Akito’s Rival45-48$29.98
April 3rdMoonPhase: Phase 519-22$29.98
April 10thTenchi Muyo! Ryo Ohki Box Set1-7$59.98
April 17thPeach Girl: One1-5$29.98
April 17thPeach Girl Starter Set1-5$39.98
April 17thSolty Rei: Three11-14$29.98
April 27thTrinity Blood: Chapter VI21-24$29.98
April 27thTrinity Blood: Chapter VI – Limited Edition21-24$34.98

[Source: FUNimation]

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