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Frozen Holiday Special In Development For 2017

by on November 2, 2016

When you look at what a dominant presence Frozen-related products still have in the kids’ toy aisles three whole years after the original film came out, you have to marvel at how successful that movie truly is, especially when you consider only about two hours’ worth of material exists for it — and that’s counting the Frozen Fever short.

Eisner would have dumped 150 TV episodes and four direct-to-video sequels on us by now, but the current regime at Disney is a little smarter than that, playing the long game instead of chasing the quick buck. There will eventually be a Frozen 2, they say, but only when it’s ready and not a moment earlier. They will, however, give fans something to tide them over while waiting for the big sequel: a holiday special.

It would seem the world of Arendelle and the aesthetic of Christmas (and similar holidays) would fit together very well. Unfortunately the special is a year out from completion, but Disney is willing to show us some work-in-progress footage next December during the network premiere of Frozen on ABC.

That’s correct, Frozen hasn’t aired on broadcast TV yet, even though it’s appeared about 500 times already on Disney Channel and Freeform. Remember when the networks were dominant enough to land the first airing of big movies? Ooh, I member.

That airing is scheduled for December 11. The still-untitled Frozen holiday special should show up one year from then.

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