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Since I last posted in this thread about having a bunch of stuff packed away and should be able unpack them after Linda and I got our own place... well, Linda and I got our own place (and got married, but that's another matter).

I took photos of a lot of things to use as visual stimuli to go with song parodies I wrote in a video which I posted in a separate thread:

If you search on Google for "keeper1st Tour of our new house" you'll find a series of YouTube videos where I walk around our house and, in the process, focus on a lot of the toon merchandise we have. It still isn't everything, but it's a good deal of it.

Maybe someday I'll go ahead and take proper high-res photos of everything. I still have some plushies packed away (all the plushies seen in those video -- and a silly video I did of "M.C. Pinky tells a joke" -- are Linda's), lots of shirts, etc.
I remember watching those videos when you posted them, all they did was make jealous of all that merchandise I'll never have, lol