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    Is Sony preparing a new Parappa The Rapper video game?

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    So a thread on NeoGAF had a user discuss their drunken exploits with a friend who works at Sony Computer Entertainment. The person let it slip that a new Parappa was in development for PSVita, and PS4 by a joint collaboration between Queasy Games (Sound Shapes) and Media Molecule (LittleBigPlanet, Tearaway).

    Admittedly that all sounds a bit dubious, but then a known insider came out and said it was true. While he wasn't certain the new game would be developed by Queasy, he teased that it may not be the only old SCE IP to be revived.

    In 2011 the creator of Parappa, Masaya Matsuura shared in an interview that a revival of the once iconic rapping dog wasn't out of the question given the new business models brought on by platforms like Vita.
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    I never played the original PaRappa games, but I love Sound Shapes to death. I hope this new game is a 2014 release.


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