So far my only recollection are these incidients

Wii: No discs were being read by the system. It wasn't the issue with Brawl, since I am talking about the launch games as well, along with GameCube games.

Nintendo DS: The screen's colors were messed up, so I sent it in to be repaired. Happened around the time Pokémon Diamond and Pearl came out.

Xbox 360: Had 2 different failures. First was the Red Ring of Death. The second, I'm guessing the video card inside the system must have fried or something, since I was playing a game and then noticed the colors change very aruptly. When I figured out it wasn't the game, and the whole system was like that, I had to send it in.

Nintendo 3DS: Right now, both of the shoulder buttons are unresponsive. Was one of the main reasons as to why I watned to upgrade my 3DS into an XL. Might fund to get this fixed after January, since I am mostly spending for Christmas and a wedding coming up soon.

Nintendo 3DS XL
: Dropped it and the left shoulder button got broken. Luckily, since I bought this recently, like around September, I was able to use my warranty to get it fixed. They fixed it and also did more stuff to it as well according to the invoice.