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View Poll Results: What was your favorite side-scrolling multi-player arcade game?

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    What was your favorite "multi-player" arcade game from the 90's?

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    Anyone remember the great 90's multi-player arcade games? Not the Street Fighter type game (where two people battle each other) but the games allowing 4 to 6 players, these were side scrolling games.

    Games like:

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time
    The Simpsons

    What was your favorite?

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    Hmm. My head tells me the TMNT arcade game was better made and had somewhat less cheap boss fights. My heart, however, refuses to let me forget six players, explosions and such timeless lines as "X-MEN: WELCOME TO DIE!" Probably X-men, oh so slightly. It delivers the simplest joys of playing a brawler.
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    There were three that my friends and I loved playing more than any others: X-Men, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Captain America and the Avengers.

    If I had to pick one, though, it would definitely be X-Men. One of the only arcade games that I could ever reach the end of and beat on a regular basis. If the day comes that I can ever afford to make a video game room, I would love to buy my own. Whenever I go to the Beach Boardwalk in Santa Cruz, I always hit up the arcade, because to this day they still have X-Men (the original six-player version with double screens, not the later scaled down four-player version). It's a great trip down memory lane.
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    Well, I didn't play much arcade games in the 90s because I was still very young, but in the 2000s I liked to play Gauntlet: Legends at my town's arcade. It was unlike any other game there. It was a three-dimensional, medieval fantasy, hack n' slash co-op. I liked to play as the blue warrior because I like the color blue and I like warrior types. It's where the phrase, "Blue Warrior needs food badly!" Comes from.

    In eighth grade, I managed to find the expanded version, Gauntlet: Dark Legacy, for the PS2 at GameStop. My brother would sometimes play with me as the yellow knight, but I beat the game by myself. I hated playing by myself because it was so much more fun playing with others. The game is still at my parents' house somewhere, but I don't play PS2 games anymore ever since I got the Xbox 360. I have had my fill of the game, so I don't see much point in playing it again.
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    The ones I played that left the biggest impression on me are the Capcom beat'em up that were on a 4 player CPS2 cabinet in an arcade in where I was at the time (they transitioned to a new game in the cabinet when it came out): Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom, Alien vs. Predator, Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara.

    I also remember at a previous arcades there was a Captain America and the Adventures four player cabinet and at another Sunset Riders was put into a large projection screen setup.
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    Well, the only two I played on the list was Turtles in Time and The Simpsons. On the one hand, I adore the heck out of the Simpsons arcade and I think I have slightly better fondness for it all, but I remember Turtles in Time feeling a lot more "full." Then again, I haven't played Turtles in Time in a very long time, so my perception may be different if I replayed it after so long. So...I guess Simpsons Arcade for now.
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    Maybe it's because I didn't play X-Men arcade until it came out on the PS3, or maybe it's because I played one-player mode, but that was a real letdown for me after hearing how much fun it was. Part of it was that the levels and music tracks were pretty bland and forgettable, two things that make a big difference in the mood of a beat-em-up.

    I have fond memories of the first TMNT game ("FIRE!" "HANG ON, APRIL!") and The Simpsons ("Whoa! Look out, world!"), both of which were a lot of fun in my condo back in the day, and both of which still hold up fairly well, even in 1-player mode.
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    Alien vs. Predator. I was about to vote Turtles in Time (I barely played the original arcade version when I was younger), but this game gave me an even bigger appreciation for beat' em ups than ever before.
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    The Konami side scrollers were pretty much what took most of my arcade cash that wasn't spent on fighters (X-Men, TMNT, Simpsons, Bucky O Hare, etc). There was something about being able to do little things like fling a Foot Clan ninja at the screen that seemed so amazing to me as a kid. Two player shooters like Lethal Enforcers and Time Crisis, or racing games like Cruisin' always got me too.
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    The X-Men game
    The only early Ninja Turtle games I played are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 on the NES and one on the old Gameboy
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