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    Right. The reskin referred to wasn't released in Japan until the early 1990s, when it was released as "Super Mario USA". "Super Mario Bros. 2" refers to the 1986 Famicom Disk System release that is really not so much a sequel as it is a harder version of the original game.

    With this in mind, Nintendo of America may have to retitle this one in order to avoid confusion. After all, the game doesn't appear to involve throwing vegetables, plus I imagine we'll only be able to play as Mario and Luigi. While this is technically the 3rd NSMB game, calling it NSMB 3 might not be appropriate despite the return of Raccoon Mario and the return of the "power meter".
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    I stopped thinking Nintendo was competent at sequel naming when they pulled Mario Kart 7 out of nowhere. I love how their promoting what I'm guessing is a new Mario classic platformer line, while the console versions seem more focused on Co-op play. Still I agree with people this is a bit much but with the rumors that console gaming may become a thing of the past maybe Nintendo is trying to make sure all their franchises get as much exposure before that comes to pass.

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    Huh it's almost as if they are breaking out all the Mario games early for this console. So far it looks ok. I'm glad the brought back the raccon look. I hope it turns out as good as the wii one and not follow the path of the DS one which in my opinion was one of the worst Mario games.

    Right now besides "Mario Tennis Open" the one I'm really waiting for is "Paper Mario 4".
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    This game will be the first to simultaneously see release on eShop as a digital download, and at retail.
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