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    Yes we do get the free cover art. I'll be posting my thoughts of the game when my copy arrives. The last JRPG to keep me busy was Eternal Sonata. God I love that combat system.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shift View Post
    Also, do people ordering from Nintendo get a free artbook? 'Cause we did get it from Gamestop.

    Anyway, the game's pretty interesting so far, and yes, the different dialects are refreshing.
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    For the record, my copy shipped from the Nintendo store on the 6th.
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    Shoot I just don't the money for this game right now. I wonder if Gamestop will still be selling this game during the next couple of months because I heard they only shipped a few copies, so I'm a bit scared right now.
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    So far, putting aside the cliche about this mysterious sword being our one true hope and the fact the real storyline definitely hasn't started for me yet...not bad!

    Combat is basically a mix of how Final Fantasy XII and World of Warcraft work. You get into range, attacks are automatic, but you spice things up with a variety of abilities that work on a cooldown rather than costing a resource. Looks like some "arts" work better depending on your positioning too. A big sign of MMO influence is how "aggro" is apparently a factor. Yep, I guess we're expected to have a designated tank in our party. So, it's active-time battle but more hands-on than Final Fantasy XIII, or even XII really, which was more automated than this is. It's pretty fun.

    I got the good early game gear by beating up bunnies and insects and selling the trash loot they dropped to merchants. It was easy. And then I REALLY knew I was playing a JRPG when I noticed the obligatory "bikini top" armor with unreasonably good stats for Fiora even though it's, y'know, A BIKINI.

    It's kinda interesting & surreal to play a game like this with a UK dub. I suspect I'll be hearing "what are you playing at?!" more than a few times in this.

    I don't quite grok the affinity & heart-to-heart stuff yet. Hopefully it gets obvious post-prologue.

    I can already tell it's going to be absolutely crammed with sidequests. I'll just do what I feel like and beat the thing when I'm ready, to me 100% completion in a big game like this is just liable to be a chore. But the core of it seems sound, and AFAIK the Wii really didn't have a RPG like this. I get why it was wanted.

    People are wrong to say this is the "final masterpiece" out for the Wii though. There's still The Last Story, and it's very possible Epic Mickey 2 will be the last good game to come out for the system much later this year (yeah, I know it's coming out for everything, but still).
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    You know, it just occurred to me that, like Xenosaga before it, the main character of this game is a weapons researcher.

    I did every quest I could find in Colony 9, and ended up pretty well leveled and with some nice armor. I'll admit I'm a little disappointed that so many of the armor types are just re-colors of one another, and armor looks completely different depending on who you equip it on. I guess that is kind of a plus, though, since it keep them all looking individual.

    Also, I really want a third party member now.
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