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    Quote Originally Posted by Gold Guy View Post
    I just remembered: I hate the name. It screams lazy.
    That's not the only thing lazy about this game:

    The words "For Kinect" were made in a free font based on the Dragon Ball Z logo called "Saiyan Sans". The Shenron logo is recycled art. That's actually not the only thing recycled. In the trailer I posted the music was from another DBZ game, and in every shot of the game so far every character model, and environment has been lifted from an older title.
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    Well, guys, the good folk at GameSpot confirmed that Bardock will be in the game via a photo in this article: http://www.gamespot.com/news/dragon-...ctober-6371302

    Well, that isn't really surprising, since Episode of Bardock comes with the game. I wonder than if SS Bardock will be playable?
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