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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Hazuda
    The first official trailer is out and it includes one of the musical numbers they'd been mentioning would be in the game.

    Video Link:
    Wow, fantastic animation. Pre-rendered graphics right?
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    Hero Complex recently posted a nice article about Epic Mickey 2 as a "musical" & the place songs have in the game. There's video of one song too, & it's an animated cutscene.

    There's also a demo out, though I knew I wanted this a long time ago.
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    Recently got to play the PS3 demo and man it's a pretty heavy improvement since the last title. Everything is fixed well from the camera, controls and even the feeling of your actions of painting or destroying is even better.

    Definitely a must buy for me. : )

    This interview made me veryyyy happy: Epic Mickey 2 - Warren Spector Interview - YouTube

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