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    Traditional Saturday morning programming on U.S. broadcast television will come to an end this September when the Vortexx programming block...

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    Thank God

    Saban is almost dead again

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    And nothing of value was lost!

    As long as Digimon Fusion is still on Nicktoons Network, I really don't care about the loss of Vortexx. Besides, you can't expect a programming block to "click" with anyone when most of your shows are over a decade old!

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    I don't watch Vortexx, but this news really boils my blood. Just the fact that they have a show called "Swag" really ticks me off. That word is a cancerous lump and it needs to be surgically removed from the English language.
    My favorite animated shows.

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    Oh, no! If Vortexx goes off the air, that means no more Yu-Gi-Oh!, no more Sonic X, no more Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL, and no more Digimon Fusion for me! Know why? I don't have Nicktoons, because I don't have Dish's Top 250 package. This is so unfair.

    And I definitely won't get to see the English dub of Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V be televised.
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    THEY CAN'T DO THIS TO ME! I was going to suggest that they put Shaman King on the Vortexx only to find that it's going to be gone! Can't do this! I already lost Motorcity, Monsuno, Winx Club, Young Justice, even Huntik! If Saban does not change their mind before fall, GOD WILL GIVE THEM BLOOD TO DRINK!!!

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    It's sad day indeed. Advertisers not to bright.

    I am surprised that advertisers would agree to dropping this format on Saturday mornings. No children are going to watch these new E/I programs. Especially when they were used to getting up Saturday mornings to watch their beloved Saturday morning programs.
    If they wanted to watch E/I programs, they could/would have just turned on PBS and watch them without commercials.
    Advertisers are going to lose millions because of this. Sad thing is, it will take them a while to figure out why sales have dropped. (Clueless suits)
    Guess the children (Old & Young) will just get up later now and then turn on their Playstation / Gameboy, etc...and not even bother with any channel on T.V.


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