A reliable source for Toon Zone has provided some new episode titles for the second season of Justice League, slated for November. Below are some of the new episode title names:

"Tabula Rasa" Part 1
"Tabula Rasa" Part 2
"Only A Dream" Part 1
"Only A Dream" Part 2
"Maid of Honor" Part 1
"Maid of Honor" Part 2

Bruce Timm confirmed "Tabula Rasa" and "Only A Dream" in an earlier interview with Toon Zone. Despite rumors, The two part "Maid of Honor" episode will NOT feature the return of Batman villian Ra' Al Ghul. "Only A Dream" will more than likely be the much anticipated two part Dr. Destiny episodes. Other episode titles include:

"Hearts And Minds" Part 1
"Hearts And Minds" Part 2
"A Better World" Part 1
"A Better World" Part 2

Also, one of the writers for Cartoon Network is writing a two episode treatment of a new WB Aquaman animated series. Aquaman's appearance in the episodes The Enemy Below was enough to warrant him not only a second season appearance, and now possibly a new animated series. Also, his popularity in the Justice League series has given the comic book version of Aquaman an all new comic series (beginning in December) and resurrection from the dead in the regular mainstream DC Comics, currently happening in JLA. Stay tuned for more updates on that, as well as Justice League here at TZN!