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    Well, if one counts Futurama an action show (though IMO, it's more of an action-comedy), that show feared well on Comedy Central, so it's possible. I'm not an action fan myself, more of a comedy guy, but the fade of action cartoons on TV just seems sad. I guess viewers aren't interested in watching over-arching stories that takes a few episodes long (I'm talking to you, Young Justice) or stories that take things seriously with not emphasis on "fun". Both Futurama, Archer, TMNT (1980s and 2012 version) at least had some sillies in them, which is why they are still airing. Unless said action toons are very toyetic and/or have comedy in them, it's unlikely networks (including ones that target adults) would pick them up. Online distributions would likely be the home of action cartoons in the future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gatordragon View Post
    Isn't CG real expensive?
    Yes, but motion capture much less so.
    Dreamworks Animation uses mocap for their internet videos featuring their well known characters on DTV, while Rooster Teeth uses it as well for RWBY. It's just much more faster to produce than regular CGI.
    But still, Flash is even cheaper. I'm just listing it as an alternative.

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