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    Like This Thread!

    I didn't like Sonic SatAM. While i loved how evil and ruthless Eggman was, It was too pretentiously serious to me and as a kid I just didn't like how totally different it was to the games. I just didn't fall in love with the characters. They just seemed like fan fiction characters. Sonic to me supposed to be a fun and exciting adventure with comedy, action and some serious moments (mainly the scenes with Eggman)

    Sonic X could have been good, but as others have said it was set in our world and too much focus was on human characters. We do not care about Chris. Plus too much of a focus on Sonic's lame friends. Cream, The Chaotix, Rouge the Bat (boobs the bat), etc should have very minor roles or not be in at all.

    Sonic, Tails and Knuckles should be the characters who get the attention. Knuckles is an interesting character as he isn't totally loyal to Sonic and their friendship is really up and down.

    please for the love of god, no Shadow. Also please don't turn Eggman into an idiot who is incredibly clumsy with dumb as hell minions (a la Scratch and Grounder). A bit more evil please.

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    Bumping because this amazingly turned out to be true. Talkback going on in the CN Forum since that's where the show will be airing.
    Yup. It's a signature. Go away if you're expecting something interesting here.

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    Since it's confirmed that it will air on Cartoon Network, I'll go ahead and close this thread. Please take all discussion on this series to its respective thread on the Cartoon Network board.

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