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    If they hadn't killed Bertram, I could see him and Penelope getting together in a future episode to fight Stewie.

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    I thought for a second Stewie was going to finish Penelope off, but I'm certainly glad he didn't. I think it's quite clear we haven't seen the last of her. Lots of great story potential between her and Stewie.

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    Great episode
    My favorite parts are The Wallet Bomb,Stewie tries to kill Brian,and the ending with Meg XD
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    Awesome/hilarious episode and my favorite, I love Stewie episodes,

    The highlights:
    Stewie spraying poor Brian, hahahahaha.
    Peter crushed poor Lois, hahahahaha.
    Peter's giant plume.
    Poor Stewie can't catch a break with random bullies attacking him in the sandbox.
    Stewie getting a new girlfriend named Penelope, sweet.
    Stewie's ginger bully's death, awesome, he deserved it!!!!!!
    The Charles Bronson gag.
    Penelope is my favorite epic new villainess who's an evil power-hungry/megalomanical child genius like Stewie which her and Evil Clone Stewie are way more evil than Stewie, sweet!!!!!
    Consuela, go away.
    Penelope has surpassed Stewie on actually killing her mother, wooooooow!!!!!!!
    Stewie/Penelope make a great evil team/couple.
    Penelope's wallet bomb.
    Poor Mort's bashing from the wallet bombs, hahahahaha.
    Penelope creating destruction/genocide in all the countries, awesome.
    Peter snuggling Glen, so wrong/creepy on so many levels, hahahahahaha.
    Brian's speech to Stewie, hehehe, he acts like Glen in that scene.
    Stewie wanting to kill Brian, but couldn't do it.
    Peter/Glen's creepy friendship moments, hahahahahaha.
    Penelope wanting to kill Brian.
    The hilarious Joan-of-Arc cutaway, hahahahahahaha.
    Poor Glen got crushed by Peter, hahahahahaha.
    Stewie saving Brian, his anti-hero moments are so great.
    Penelope zapping poor Brian, hahahahaha.
    The Stewie vs. Penelope fight was awesome/destructive next to the Peter vs. Ernie the Giant Chicken fights.
    I hope Penelope returns, she makes the best evil girlfriend for Stewie better than that annoying jerk Olivia who's dead.
    The Meg-bashing at the end, hahahahahahaha.
    Chris was not in the episode, rats.

    Cate Blanchette was awesome as the evil Penelope.
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    I hope Penelope shows up in more future episodes as an antagonist or ally, this show definitely needs more characters like her.
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    This episode was pretty good, though I think it would have been a lot more interesting if Penelope had pushed Stewie into finishing off Lois instead of Brian.

    Stewie saving Brian's life has been done already. Why not involve another family member? Even if it is Lois. Especially Lois since it'd be ironic.

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