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    Little surprised that Fowler was actually a match for Silas. I thought with Fowler's beer gut, Silas would've moped the floor with him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ABrown View Post
    Little surprised that Fowler was actually a match for Silas. I thought with Fowler's beer gut, Silas would've moped the floor with him.

    I wouldn't say he was a match. Silas pointed out that he was obviously out of shape, and it's clear he was never trying to win, just keep Silas occupied. He put up a fight because he still knew how to do so, but in a prolonged battle he would have lost for sure.
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    A good episode.

    MECH are by far the most interesting player to me.
    Finally humans who aren't completely helpless and tries to fight back, that's what I like.

    Silas himself is fairly bland. Not that I get bothered by it. Kind of a nice cool-down after the emotional tantrum that the Decepticons usually throws around.

    Also, Silas obviously becomes headmaster.

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    My recap for this episode is up.

    Needless to say, I think the mystery of whether Optimus is "evil" in the eyes of his Autobot comrades should have been kept throughout the episode. It would have provided frequent tension as the Autobots question their leader as well as their loyalties. As it stands, "Nemesis Prime" is really boring. The twist at the end is rewarding, but having to trod through a half-hour to get to it is exhausting.

    At least Fowler was pretty awesome.
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    I thought the fight between Nemesis and Optimus, and also Fowler and Silas, made up for a lack of mystery and kept the episode from becoming boring. At least to me. If the creators had wanted the main focus of the episode to be on the mystery, they probably would have placed more emphasis on it.

    In a nutshell, this episode served as a sort of culmination to the MECH Plot from Season 1 and what'll probably be their last fight with the Autbots for at least a while.

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