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    It was a nice episode, it was obvious that it was another of one Cartman's schemes where he uses the Jewpacabra so he can be the only 1 on the easter egg hunt but knowing Cartman he stupidily believe the Jewpacabra does exist.

    I did laugh at the begining where Kyle is doing what he regularly does in the morning until we see Cartman's talking to Kyle's mom and Kyle tells him to get lost lol. Poor naive Butters, once again being trick by Cartman on believing the Jewpacabra exist and goes with him to get the creature film.

    It was funny how Cartman was believing the Jewpacabra exist and hire Butters, Craig and Token to protect him but leave him to get some wings lol. Cartman look funny yet cute in a bunny costume. The scene where Kyle actually help Cartman i did not expected that, of all the things Cartman has done to him, Kyle still has some compassion towards Cartman that he even left him in his house, i really expected that Cartman doesn't come as a jerk at the end with Kyle and he wasn't which it's good since t would lose the character development between the 2.

    Not as crazy as previous episodes i have seen of South Park but at the same time it was a nice Easter Special.
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    You know I'm always a fan of episodes that show though Cartman is an incredible self centered, pig-headed jerk, he is also a frightened scared little boy thanks to his own imagination literally going wild and winding up just screwing himself over more then anyone else. Like "Cartman Sucks", or episodes like this. Yeah true the Bigfoot club and the grocery mart didn't exactly steer Cartman right but it was still really all his fault. For scaring everyone into believing his story just so he could get into the easter egg hunt all on his own and then winding up being fearful of something he created. And yeah also liked the look into his head on what he thought were the ancient jewish customs and how illogical they were, yet his fear getting the better of him to think that "the jews were right" and then seeing himself as Jewish at the end, but still being as thickheaded and opinionated as before. Since yeah even when Cartman's on your side, the way he acts you really wouldn't want him on your side. But episodes like this show how fun he is when the biggest jokes are just on how ridiculous his believes are and a few slams on some other targets. Which is really the best part of this episode actually: the humor.

    The problem is the first few episodes of a run and sometimes even the later episodes are kind of bogged down on repeating the same joke over and over again it stops being funny. But then there are episodes like this that keep making up jokes as they go along due to having a solid enough story to not need as much filler. So there were a lot of great bits: Cartman coming to Kyle's house to hear the story of Passover and Kyle instantly knowing he was up to something, Cartman trying to scare everyone at the easter egg hunt and no one really wanting to pay attention to him at first, Kyle pointing out only stupid people or liars believe in Chucupara creatures and cutting to a frightened Butters, the Jewbacara calls, the grocery mart executive not wanting to take a chance even if it's .0000001% possible there could be a monster, Cartman taking advantage by going on a fun slide in the Jamaican islands, the bigfoot club (I think they could of made a bit more fun of how lame, slow and ridicolous those big foot shows are now. Though I did like the group trying to speak scientific as well as thinking they could get a show by presenting the gun they shot something with as evidence), Cartman trying to call Kyle so he could saw Jewbascaras aren't real, Cartman trying to keep himself save in church, wanting wings when the others bailed on him, his dream sequence with Passover and making out the Hebrews to be cruel to frog and not having logic, the safe and fun grocery mark only being 4th in fun and 6th in saftey and the end where Cartman claims he's Jewish now. Yeah we'll see how long that lasts but overall a really enjoyable episode all the way around actually as I didn't find any of it to really be dry and instead just really amusing. In my opinion anyway.
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    Those Bigfoot guys being so stupid and Cartman going to Atlantis were funny, but the biggest laugh this episode gave me was during the Easter egg hunt itself...those kids were vicious to each other!
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