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    Quote Originally Posted by DonkeyKongSong View Post
    I think that's still on CN TOO in the UK. But it's pretty much a goner in the US.
    Yeah, it is, but it's a late night deal. Still, it's kind of amazing how long it's managed to keep it's claws dug in to a portion of the schedule.

    It shares it's late night banishment with a lot of 'little cartoons that couldn't' though. Robotboy, Chop Socky Chooks, Hero 108, stuff like that.

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    Sheep in the Big City. I thought this show was really funny at times.

    The Terrible Thunderlizards. I only saw a few episodes of this waaay back. I love the intro though, definitely done better then in today's cartoons.

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    Robot Jones and Kappa Mikey definitely. they'll be missed

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobbybop View Post
    Harry and his bucket full of dinosaurs. I used to love this show when i was little.It had about 2 seasons.It is not shwon at all now
    Actually, It's airing where I live.
    Aw come on, you expect me to put something witty here?

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    Wow, this thread is still going? Cool!

    Anyway, I was looking at Wikipedia's list of shows aired on Cartoon Network.and I found this. Fat Dog Mendoza, a cartoon about an obese dog who hangs out with some kids who fight crime. Apparently it was only aired in the UK. Anybody who lives over there, do you remember watching this?

    Also, it's not exactly a cartoon, but I feel that I should mention Nickelodeon's Mr. Meaty. From what I remember it was decent, although a LOT of people hated it. Anybody else remember this?
    *insert another Great Piggy Bank Robbery reference here*

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    I recently started watching Cybersix, I remember the show was rather short lived when it aired on Fox Kids. I remember watching a few episodes of it back in the day, and I didn't really like it. Never really did understand why Cybersix would disguise herself as a man during the day, still don't really... (I get the whole secret identity thing but why as a man?)

    Watching it now I love the concept, I'm 8 episodes into it so far and its pretty good. It even inspired me to look up the original comic its based on, and to no surprise discovered that the show is very watered down compared to the original comic.

    The show didn't really catch on in the US, but as I'm watching it I can kinda see why, the character designs are almost exactly like the original comic the show is based on, they're... different but I like them. Cybersix has the best design hands down though. I also didn't know that this show was considered an anime.

    The voices are ok, but the dialogue feels kinda clunky and awkward. At times the dialogue feels incomplete. And then theres the soundtrack, it just doesn't fit the scene most of the time and is often too loud and annoying. The show was definitely in need of better writers and a more fitting soundtrack.

    But despite its flaws I gotta say I like the show and its a shame we didn't get more than 13 episodes. Most cartoons have a rocky first season and this was probably no different. The one thing I've noticed so far is that this show doesn't know what audience it was trying to appeal to. At times the show feels dark and serious but then it throws elements of slapstick, idk its just hard to take Jose and his henchman seriously sometimes. I'd love to see what they could have done with a second season, but I'm a little disappointed that the series didn't take itself more seriously given the original source material.

    Its unfortunate but I doubt we'll ever see another Cybersix series. The show never really caught on, FOX axed it after only a few episodes. The show does seem to have a following in Canada and France but not much else. And for some odd reason the comics have never officially been translated into English. I'm a little surprised a more faithful anime hasn't been made yet, the whole premise screams anime.

    I love the concept and universe of Cybersix, and would definitely love to see another show thats a more faithful adaption of the original comics.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Turtle Shave Ice View Post
    Wow, there are some people that remember Pelswick, that's great! I love John Callahan's work.

    At any rate, Pecola - this aired on CN back during, oh I can't even remember, it was a very kid-oriented show about a prankster penguin that loved pudding. All the characters were blocks and it was CGI animated, and strangely enough, the animation was pretty competent. The one thing I remember about it was that incessantly catchy theme song.
    Yeah!! Pecula! I remember it being on RV in 2003 - 2004. Hadn't seen it since and found it in August 2011 after 8 years! I remember Pecula from my childhood! It was only shown on Rv in 2003 I think but it could have been in 2004 too, I'm not sure.

    Pet Alien. Just found it few months after not having seen it since 2005 / 2006, it was also on RV. I remember it so much, I loved it! part of my childhood. ^_^

    How about Maggie and the Ferocious Beast? I remember that being on RV too, sometime in 2001 - 2003. o.o

    Martin Morning or Matti Morgunn as he's called here in Iceland? I know here in Iceland it's not totally dead. Adverts on the main Cable / TV company here (Sminn) But what about out there?
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    Great show. It wa sone of my fav's

    Storm hawks
    great show i used to watch it.

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    Ned's Newt - Funny, but unusually wired. Newt kinda looks like the genie from Aladdin.

    Oswald - Gentle, soft series. Quite good for those who are frustrated.

    Samurai Jack - Three words: Awesome, Awesome-r and Awesome-st.

    Roboroach - "Why me? why me? Why all the time me?". I still remember that line from Reg. Overall, great show.

    Maggie and the Ferocious Beast - Best Teletoon show ever! Beast was funny when he always loses his red spots.

    Captain Flamingo - Milo Powell (aka Captain Flamingo) was the best character in the show. I've always liked his flamingo costume and his best friend Lizbeth. He always have good strategics/plans.

    The Book of Pooh - I still remember the intro to this show. The show used to creep me out, when it comes to puppetry.

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    Not sure if this has been mentioned yet (would do a search, but it's busted right now), but anyone here catch The Dick and Paula Celebrity Special? It was by the same people who made Dr. Katz and Home Movies, and briefly aired on FX. The premise was a talk show where long deceased people were interviewed in the present day, such as Charles Darwin. It was OK, but I liked Katz and Movies a lot more.


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