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Zevo-3 fanfic

Discussion in 'The Story Board' started by Srebak, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. Srebak

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    Nov 15, 2009
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    As you know, the TV show, Zevo-3 ended (rather abruptly) without answering a lot of questions.

    So, in writer's instinct, i came up with some new ideas for following seasons:

    For starters, i imagined a story where Z-Strap, Elastika and Grams all find themselves halfway across the galaxy, along with Stankfoot and his forces. Now the premise of the show for them to find a way back home while still managing to play hero on various alien planets. In addition to Zevo-3 gaining a new third member, Starburst aka Gloria James (Jason's long lost twin sister), the Zevos also have to deal with a new threat, a powerful villain who has forced Stankfoot into his employ and has goals for universal conquest. I haven't worked out all the details just yet, but honestly, the story arc is something of a mix Gargoyles, SRMTHFG!, He-Man and She-Ra: Secret of the Sword, and Green Lantern the series. I also thought about having Jason and Ellie finally become a real couple in this story.

    While Z-Strap and Elastika are having this Galactic road trip, i had ideas for Kewl-Breeze to have this time to become a hero in his own right. I've had two ideas on how to handle this:

    In one, Kewl-Breeze learns that he is actually the heir to the throne of a race of humanoid wolf-creatures, the Loboans. For this premise, i have based some of my ideas on Thundercats, Babar and a little bit of Star Wars.

    In my second idea, i was going to have Kewl-Breeze become the leader of his own superhero team as they protect New Eden City from a new threat.

    In both these ideas, i haven't worked out all the details yet, but in both of them; Caroline Mengalson becomes a regular character, Dark Materia becomes a good guy and we're introduce to four new characters: a mutant rat named Alexis, a mutant falcon named Sierra, a giant, blue Timber wolf named Sirocco and a reprogrammed New Eden City android named Talos.

    What do you think?

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