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Zech's Gift to Humanity...

Discussion in 'The Story Board' started by Captain Zechs, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. Captain Zechs

    Captain Zechs Active Member

    Aug 21, 2004
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    Poem 1, Title:?, Theme: Love

    When someone asks you,
    What is Love?
    Can you respond, or better yet...
    Can you give a good answer?

    Love is a feeling of desire...
    Desire of what?

    When you say "I do",
    it's not the words...

    But the desire to be with this person,
    the person who can make you long for them,
    make you want to hold them,
    and even kiss them.

    With a Kiss, can come the deadly sin, Lust...
    Or can come the grace of Love.

    Love, a stature of the Future, Past and Present.

    Poem 2, Title: ?, Theme: Death and Life

    Death Blood Pain
    They all hurt, but they all relieve.
    Who really cares...
    As Hell is upon us.

    Life Friendship Hope
    All so desireable, yet end in grief.
    Who doesn't care...
    As Heaven is but a step away.

    Hatred Love Humanity
    They share no differance, they are the Future, Past and Present.
    Who wants to care?

    Aren't Humans as hated as the Devil?
    Aren't they loved as much as God?
    In Humanity...
    We are all given Life, but we are also given Death.

    Poem 3, Title: ?, Theme: Souls

    A tortured soul...
    A beautiful body...
    A defeaning cry...
    Yet a wonderful smile?

    Why do those who look happy...
    hurt so much?
    Is it...
    Just meant to be?

    If there is a god...
    Why does he allow Pain?
    Is it a sacrifice we take...
    To gain happiness?

    One can only hope...
    The only thing that can really bring happiness,
    And the only thing that can lead to pain.

    Poem 4, Title: ?, Theme: Good and Evil (Questionable)

    A blossoming heart...
    A meaningless soul...
    A murder...
    A rescue...

    Balanced, right?
    Good...Evil, not the same...but no different.
    No differance?
    You're thinking...yeah right.
    Buth think about it,
    One cannot gain happiness,
    without enduring Pain.

    Emotionally Corrupting,
    Yet Physically forgiving...
    Allowing...time to heal.

    Physically Noticeable,
    Yet emotionally hidden...
    Allowing...time to hurt.

    Opposites...yet so much alike, maybe not to the eye, but to the heart.


    Well, there you have, the newest batch from me :) Comment please, and the title is a joke :p

    And yes, they are rather short, but thats how I prefer them.
    #1 Captain Zechs, Mar 28, 2006
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 29, 2006

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