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Yu-gi-oh Battle for Earth's Future

Discussion in 'The Story Board' started by TOONPENGUIN, Jan 10, 2003.



    Oct 5, 2002
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    I would like to start off by saying that this story is a completely made up thing and this is how I would like to see the "Final Duel" take place. The dueling rules in my story are the tributing rules just introduced on the show (such as having to tribute 2 monsters for the Blue Eyes). If you do not know these rules or don't follow Yu-gi-oh like the rest of us nerds, DONT READ IT. This is very cruude so dont laugh. PLEASE COMMENT ON MY WRITING SO FAR!

    YU-GI-OH Battle for the World
    Pt. 1 Winged Dragon of Ra

    After just defeating Espa Roba and Ryou Bakura, Yugi claimed control of 4 Millenium Items. The volatile attitude of Bakura gave Yugi a scare in his match and Espa's psychic ability wasn't to reassuring, but with the help of his friends Yugi toughed it out.
    "Come on Yug, we gotta find Ishizu, maybe she will give up her Millenium Necklace, then you'll have 5 items, no one could compare to ya then" Joey shouted as he raced through the streets of Domino during Kaiba's "Battle City competition.
    "Joey, you can't rush Yugi he just defeated Bakura in a heart wrenching duel" Tea pleaded with Joey.
    "Besides, I'm not trying to claim power, I'm trying to save this planet from utter annihilation" Yugi exclaimed.
    "Oh, excuuuuse me" Joey mumbled with a vehement attitude.
    Yugi, Joey, Tristan, and Tea walked down Applemont St. only to find a dead end.
    "Oh great, now we gotta walk a halfa mile back, this is so lame, I know lets climb teh fence, that'll save 3 miles and a whole lotta time" Joey muttered.
    "Not so fast you 4, I challenge one of you to a duel" a robed man shouted.
    "A rare hunter, uh oh, these guys are tough," Joey shouted "oh well I'll duel, Yugi just had a duel, now its my turn."
    The 2 duelists set up their duel disks and prepared their decks for battle, now it was time to wager a card.
    "I put my extremely rare Jinzo on the line" Joey said.
    "For a card like that I'll put up my rarest card, The Winged Dragon of Ra" the rare hunter said.
    Everyone gasped in unison, the Winged Dragon of Ra was an Epyptian god card. The duel began, Joey led of by playing a card face down in defense mode.
    "First I'll play these to trap cards face down, and then I'll summon the 7 Colored Fish in attack mode to attack your defender" the hunter said.
    The hunter was fooled, he attacked a Wall of Illusion with the defense of 1850, 7 Colored Fishes attack was only 1800, the rare hunter lost 50 life points and due to Wall's effect the Fish is sent back to its owner's hand. The hunter's life points were at 7950 and his monster field was blank so Joey could attack his life points directly.
    "Alright, now I'll play my Panther Warrior with 2000 attack, I may have to tribute a monster for him to attack, but that's what my Wall of Illusion is down for, alright Panther Warrior, 2000 direct damage" Joey shouted with glee.
    "Good move, but you soon won't be so lucky now," the rare hunter chuckled "first I use monster reborn on your wall of illusion, then I use fissure on your Panther Warrior, destroying him. Finally I play premature burial which allows me to revive a creature at the cost of 800 life points, putting me at 5150, I bring back your Panther and then I tribute them both for my Buster Blader with the attack of 2600, what will you do now, hah hah hah hah hah."
    To be continued
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    Oct 5, 2002
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    Pt. 2: A Dragon Keeper

    "Buster Blader, attack his life points" the R.H. shouted.
    RH:5150 Joey:5400
    "My move, ok Joey don't get nervous, it's all in ya head, I'll draw and, YES the card I need" Joey thought to himself." Now I'll activate Messenger of Peace, this guy stops the attack of all monsters with an attack 1500 or higher and I'll play tthis card in defense" Joey yelled.
    "I activate Solemn Judgement, it may cut my life points in half, but it deactivates Messenger of the Peace" the R.H. said. "Now its my turn, and I'll play the Dragon Tamer, he raises all dragon's attack by 500, since he's a dragon his attack becomes 1900 instead of 1400. Dragon Tamer attack the face down monster.”
    “Oh no my Gearfried the Iron Knight is killed” Joey shouted.
    “Fool, weak cards like that won’t defeat me, Buster Blader do 2600 direct attack damage” the R.H. screamed.
    RH: 2575 Joey: 2800
    “My turn, I play this card in defense and I activate Tribute to the Doomed, a magic card that requires me to discard a card to destroy a monster, I discard Red Eyes Black Dragon to destroy Buster Blader” Joey said.
    “A weak attempt of a comeback, I play Raigeki which destroys all of your monsters on the field, an Armored Lizard what kind of an amateur keeps that in his deck, anyway I’ll do 1900 direct damage” the R.H. bragged in a boastful way.
    “Hah, this is really cool, I play fissure and destroy your Dragon Tamer, then I play Graverobber so I can steal a card from your graveyard, I choose Premature Burial and use it on my Red Eyes Black Dragon, to end my turn and the duel I attach Dragon Nails to him making him 3000 attack points and I’ll wipe out your life points” Joey said “How do you like my finesse now.”
    RH:0 Joey:100
    “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, how could I lose to a loser like you, I’m unbeatable, if I had drawn my Winged Dra...” the R.H. paused.
    “Oh yeah, I almost forgot, where’s my new card at you jerk, I won it fair and square” Joey said with a sly look.
    “Oh yeah, well I don’t play fair and square” the R.H. said as he ran away.
    “Not so fast” said a voice “you owe him that card.”
    “Hey its Kaiba” Tristan shouted.

    To be Continued


    Oct 5, 2002
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    Pt.3 The Thrill of the Hunt

    “You heard me you idiotic fool, the rules of the tournament are that you must give up your rarest card, give him the card or your deck will be confiscated” Kaiba shouted.
    “Seto Kaiba, the one who owns the 3 Blue Eyes White Dragons, I want them” the rare hunter said “I’ll even put up my entire deck which includes the Winged Dragon of Ra.”
    “My Blue Eyes against your Dragon of Ra, consider your challenge accepted” Kaiba said. “Fool, he doesn’t know of my Obelisk the Tormentor.”
    “Hah, Kaiba I could defeat you in 5 turns, no more no less” the rare hunter said.
    “Hmmmph, I’ll give you my whole deck if you could do that” Kaiba boasted.
    “Duel” the 2 duelists said in unison.
    “I’ll go first” said the rare hunter “I play Sangan in defense mode, your turn.”
    “I play Battle Ox and I’ll destroy Sangan, now pick one monster out of your deck do to his effect” Kaiba said.
    “Ok, for my turn I’ll play a Witch of the Black Forest and use Monster Reborn on a Sangan, your turn” the rare hunter smirked.
    “I’ll play La Jinn and kill them both, now take 2 monsters out of your stupid deck” Kaiba said with a bore.
    “I play a Sangan” the rare hunter said.
    “ Another, well I’ll kill it with Battle Ox and do 1800 direct damage with La Jinn” Kaiba yawned “ thats turn three.
    “I play La Jinn and kill your Battle Ox” the rare hunter said”
    “ I won’t do a thing” Kaiba said “now hand over your deck because you wont win.”
    “I play Premature Burial on my Sangan and then activate Dark Hole, I get his effect and as I promised, I win, I’ve assembled all five pieces of Exodia the Forbidden One, now you hand over your deck” the rare hunter said.
    “My deeeck, my Bbbblue Eyyyes, my llllife, NOOOOOOOOOOO” Kaiba shouted.
    “Yes, now I have assembled every card in the game, except for Osiris the Sky Dragon” the rare hunter said as he looked through his new deck.
    “Kaiba, you may continue to use the deck even though it belongs to me, however I get the Obelisk and your soul is mine” the rare hunter said as a staff he was holding started to glow, no one had noticed the staff before, but now it was as clear as day. Kaiba’s face turned blank and he seemed to be under the hunter’s control.
    Something lit up in Yugi’s head, he knew the hunter’s voice. “I knew who you are, your the guy who dueled me through Bandit Keith’s body” Yugi said
    “Yes, even I, Marik Ishtar cannot resist the thrill of the hunt.


    Oct 5, 2002
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    PLEASE RESPOND TO WHAT I WRITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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