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YOUR ultimate animation network

Discussion in 'Fun & Games' started by Sketch, May 6, 2004.

  1. ElBarto

    ElBarto Happy Cycler

    Jan 18, 2003
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    The Simpsons 'round the clock!
  2. ToOn~g@l

    ToOn~g@l Just singin' the blues

    Mar 19, 2004
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    let's see here

    8:00am- 80s power hour (some sort of eightys cartoon,)
    9:00am- 90s power hour (same as eightys but ninetys)
    10:00am- Teenage mutant ninja turtles
    10:30am- ed, edd n eddy
    11:00am- Lilo and Stitch the series
    11:30am- Histeria
    12:00pm- Rockos modern life
    1:00pm- Rugrats
    1:30pm-Dexters laboratory
    2:00pm-House of Mouse
    2:30pm-The tex avery show
    3:00pm- The animaniacs hour
    4:00pm- The Pinky and the Brain hour
    5:00pm- Ren and stimpy
    5:30pm- Doug
    6:00pm- An animated movie
    8:00pm-The simpsons hour
    9:00pm-Family guy hour
    10:00pm- Futurama hour
    11:00pm- Samurai Jack
    11:30pm- Goof troop
    12:00pm- Timon and Pumbaa
    12:30am- Smurfs
    1:00am-8:00am- Infomershals or however you spell that

    6:00am- Aladdin the series
    6:30am- Ren and Stimpy
    7:00am- I am weasel
    7:30am- Cow and Chicken
    8:00am- Darkwing Duck
    8:00am- Tiny toon adventures
    9:00am- Samurai Jack
    9:30am- Animaniacs
    10:00am- Smurfs
    10:30am- Care bears
    11:00am- Pinky and the Brain hour
    12:00pm- Timon and Pumbaa
    12:30pm- The bugs bunny show
    1:00pm- Sylvester and Tweety Mysterys
    1:30pm- Goof Troop
    2:00pm- Ducktales
    2:30pm- Rockos modern life
    3:00pm- Fairly oddparents hour
    4:00pm- Power puff girls
    4:30pm- spongebob squarepants
    5:00pm- Lilo and stitch the series
    5:30pm- Free Willy
    6:00pm- Samurai Jack
    6:30pm- Redwall the animated series
    7:00pm- Animated movie
    9:00pm- The tex avery hour
    10:00pm- the simpsons hour
    11:00pm- family guy hour
    12:00pm- futurama hour
    1:00am-4:00am- ink and paint club
    4:00am-6:00am- acme hour
    6:00am-8:am- tom and jerry

    well theres my list
  3. wrenchien

    wrenchien Active Member

    Aug 29, 2002
    Likes Received:
    ok.. i'll bite.

    sundays on alpha centuri toonaverse (airing earth programming 4 years too late) :eek: (which may be happening considering how much nick and cn are seeming to share.. ideas nowadays.. )

    5: 00 am robot sunrise block , with the following:

    5: 00 am gobots (aired with transformers since hasbro does own gobots now)
    5: 30 am transformers G1
    6: 00 am transformers beast wars / beast machines
    7: 00 am transformers armada/ energon
    7: 30 am gundam SD
    8: 00 am my life as a teenage robot
    8: 30 am megas xlr ( in that network it only lasted one season, as i suspect it may in this one)

    9: 00 am out of this world block (full of alien and bizarre fun)

    9: 00 am invader zim (where aka cartoons bought the rights to finish zim after ed's ending some years from now)...
    9: 30 am spongebob squarepants
    10: 00 am jimmy neutron
    10: 30 am dexter's labratory
    11: 00 am power puff girls
    11: 30 am danny phantom
    (this is the part where noone really cares much, they'll probably come back later).. but it is called 'sunday school block'...

    12: 00 p.m. scooby doo
    12: 30 p.m edd , ed and eddy
    1:00 robot jones
    1:30 may, marie and lee / the kankers (spinoff series) ( i can dream, can't i? SHOULDN'T I?)
    2:00 code lyoko
    2:30 aaah! real monsters
    3:00 rugrats
    3:30 all grown up

    there will be a movie at 4:

    then at 6 will be the block 'anime nation' which mocks russia's communist dictates a bit and shows anime.. a bit pg rated, most of it as the dial shifts from 'g' to 'tv- 13' ...

    6:00 dragonball
    6:30 dragonball z
    7:00 inu yasha
    7:30 cowboy bebop
    8:00 outlaw star
    8:30 big 0
    9:00 wolf's rain
    9:30 witch hunter robin
    10:00 gundam (mostly the more adult series)
    10:30 futurama (a nice crossover to..)

    11:00 night owl block( all the adult swim stuff plus..)

    11:00 ren and stimpy adult party(even the cancelled and classic ones..)
    11:30 aqua teen hunger force

    going on to monday morning..

    12:00 harvey birdman: attourney at law
    12:30 sealab 2021
    1:00 the brak show starring brak(still reruns but much demanded)...
    1:30 space ghost: coast to coast
    2:00 gary the rat
    2:30 the bravo show(with the rock playing johnny bravo, talking to live action versions of his johnny bravo cast, as they interview real celebrities and even toon ones)
    3:00 the bravo show(boy is it popular.)
    3:30 spacecatraz
  4. wrenchien

    wrenchien Active Member

    Aug 29, 2002
    Likes Received:
    waaiit.. i'm almost finished.. there.

    the weekly schedule for monday- friday..

    the following is a short block: named dreamtime...

    5:00 mike, lu, and og
    5:30 rocko's modern life
    6:00 doug (even the disney version is shown here)
    6:30 the wild thornberrys
    7:00 rugrats
    7:30 rugrats: all grown up
    8:00 spongebob square pants
    8:30 jimmy neutron
    9:00 the morning movie (cause most people are at school)

    11:00 the children's hour(mostly educational stuff)

    11:00 dora the explorer
    11:30 blue's clues
    12:00 wild thornberries
    12:30 rocket power(in this network, kids skateboarding IS educational).

    2:00 the afternoon movie (kids still at school)
    4:00 the daydream block (ah, the kids are back)
    4:00 ed, edd and eddy
    4:30 jimmy neutron
    5:00 teenage mutant ninja turtles
    5:30 fairly oddparents
    6:00 spongebob squarepants
    6:30 rocko's modern life (revived much like rugrats was)
    7:00 may, marie and lee (i can dream, can't i??)

    7:30 the twilight time block (mostly kids's anime stuff)
    8:00 pokemon
    8:30 yugi-oh
    9:00 duel masters
    9:30 hamtaro (very popular it is)

    and there would be a night owl block at about 10:00...

    10:00 gundam
    10:30 big 0
    11:00 naruto (you'll thank me for this someday)
    11:30 futurama
    12:00 wolf's rain
    12:30 inu-yasha
    1:00 cowboy bebop
    1:30 outlaw star
    (repeats 2-3- 4-5)

    for saturdays this block would be called 'cereal box'..

    6:00 rocko's modern life
    6:30 spongebob squarepants
    7:00 mucha lucha
    7:30 fairly oddparents
    8:00 jimmy neutron
    8:30 danny phantom
    9:00 my life as a teenage robot
    9:30 xaolin showdown

    starting at 10 would be: anime blockade

    from 10 - 12: pokemon (varied eras shown)
    from 12 - 1 : yugi-oh (varied eras shown)
    from 1 - 3: dragonball (z then gt)
    3:00 - afternoon movie
    5:00 - great justice (this is the superhero's block):
    5:00 - justice league
    6:00 - batman (then batman beyond)
    7:00 - teenage mutant ninja turtles(first new then old series)
    8:00 - spiderman (showing the fox series then spiderman and his amazing friends)
    8:30 - teen titans
    9:00 - xmen (the fox version, then the evolution version)
    10:00 - super friends (two hours of it)
    11:00 - superman
    11:30 - aquaman (that one not seen in america)

    and then night owl for sunday morning begins with:

    12:00 the bravo show (new one, most of the time)
    12:30 the bravo show (last episode shown prior to the new one)
    1:00 space ghost coast to coast
    1:30 aqua teen hunger force
    2:00 harvey birdman, attorney at law
    2:30 sea lab
    3:00 the night owl movie (one of the more adult anime movies).

    and there's the week's schedule from about 2005.

    which better be the year i get to go to florida.. for the 3rd and maybe last time.. ever.

    top that, luigi my man...


    btw.. do not ask me if disney airs on alpha centuri.. save for doug as aired by disney (and there was a lot of legal wrangling about that).., reairing disney shows on cable and sattelite .. is illegal. very, very illegal. you dig?

    and if alpha centuri has no life or tv or even planets.. what do i care? i'm going on vacation! AT LAST!!!
  5. Tobias

    Tobias Who you gonna call?

    Sep 17, 2002
    Likes Received:
    After the first year of so of my schedule, when people start picking up to what's on the network, I'll start introducing new series and new episodes of already existing series in Prime Time and during the afternoon block. New episodes will include:

    -Gargoyles (and it's many spinoffs)
    -The unaired episodes of Invader Zim
    -The 'unaired' episodes of classic TMNT (including the rarely seen European episodes)
    -A new season of Sonic SAT
    -The Japanese continuation of Transformers G1 (Redubbed with the American show's voices)
    -Angel Links (spinoff of Outlaw Star)
    -Kim Possible

    And whoever else can come up with new episodes.

    Plus original series
    "Warriors" (Teenage Superheroes in the comedy/action element ala Darkwing Duck, who'd be getting new eps as well),
    "On the Run" (animated drama about orphan brothers going state to state to find their presumed dead parents while outrunning their cruel guardians),
    "The Aminals" (Pre-school show that's like a clean version of the Happy Tree Friends),
    "3 Ninjas" (based on the film and it's sequels),
    "Drop Dead Fred" (also based on the movie)
    "The Playground Kids" (Think Recess crossed with Muppet Babiesm, only without the musical interludes)
  6. Sugah

    Sugah Member

    Feb 25, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Can someone please explain to me why Fox Family Channel was sold to ABC (Disney)? It was completely fine but now ABC Family is completely useless! I dont get it. :(
  7. Captain Ginyu

    Captain Ginyu Member

    Jun 5, 2004
    Likes Received:
    i am not gonna put up a scheduale but ill have:
    pokemon advanced
    yu-gi-oh enter the shadow realm
    new dragonball
    old dragonball
    dragonball z
    dragonball gt
    beyblade v force
    beyblade g revolution
    sonic the hedgehog
    sonic x
    count duckula
    the simpsons
    pinky and the brain
    ren and stimpy
    who framed roger rabbit
    teen titans

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