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Your:'Most looking forward to...'

Discussion in 'Comic Book Culture' started by Green-Ghost, Aug 9, 2003.

  1. Green-Ghost

    Green-Ghost Active Member

    Feb 4, 2002
    Likes Received:
    What are you most looking forward to?
    What around comics you can't wait to get?
    Which projects are you waiting for?

    For me:
    'Harley & Ivy' Mini
    Batman/Poison Ivy: Cast Shadows
    Poison Ivy figure Jim Lee design
    Huntress figure Jim Lee design
    Hush figure Jim Lee design
    Loeb/Lee 6-issues Batman & Robin story
    The 'HUSH' final
    Lee on Superman
    Michael Turner on Batman
    Jean Grey bust
    'Rose & the Thorn' Mini
    'Mystery of the Batwoman' DVD
    'Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu' game
    Everything from Aspen MLT. like 'Soulfire' and 'Fathom'
    Aspen/DC team-up projects
    Huntress in Outsiders
    Salvador Larroca on Uncanny X-Men
    Ultimate Havok and Angel
    All DC Secret Files 2003 like Sups/Bats or Outsiders/Teen Titans
    X-Men 2 DVD

    Post yours :)
    #1 Green-Ghost, Aug 9, 2003
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 10, 2003
  2. Mike Spartz

    Mike Spartz Underrated Performer

    Dec 25, 2002
    Likes Received:
    Comic Wise:

    Batman:Hush Finale

    Ultimate Spider Man #50: the intro to the ultimate version of The Black Cat...purrrfffeeeccct! :p

    The conclusion of Trinity (Batman and Supermans first meeting with WW)

    Greg Rucka's take on Wonder Woman

    Batman: The Man Who Laughed: a 64 page story set the day after Batman:Year One ended. It is going to feature the first day the Joker came to gotham

    Batman: Jekyll and Hyde: "It's about Two-Face. He's trying to convince Batman that the two of them are similar, the two of them have two sides of internal conflict." Jenkins also said he will explore the history of Two-Face and there will be a revelation about the character. (Taken from Comics Continuum)

    The Loeb/Lee 6 part Batman story

    The continuation of the catwoman series

    Movies or DVDs:

    Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman

    More B:TAS/S:TAS/BB/JL DVDS (hopefully in Box Sets)


    More Mattal Batman and JL figures-did you see the awesome models for Freeze and Killer Croc? SWWWWEEEEEEETTT!!

    Mattal Batcave

    Hawkgirl JL figure
  3. kid_flash

    kid_flash Speedy Teen

    May 2, 2001
    Likes Received:
    For the first time in awhile, most of my "can't wait for" is DC.

    1602 - Neil Gaiman writing, Andy Kubert drawing, and Richard Isanove coloring the tale of the Marvel universe starting 500 years ago. There's a lot of great mini-series out right now, but this will take them all down.

    Azzarello and Risso on BATMAN - Finally getting rid of the growing plague of Jim Lee on this title. I have zero doubts about this.

    Azzarello and Lee on SUPERMAN - I really hope this doesn't fall under the trap BATMAN did. Azzarello's too good for that. The good part of it is that he'll be able to do all-out action here and do a lot of character on...

    MAN OF STEEL: LEX LUTHOR - I love Lex. He's always been my favorite "villain." And Azzarello is doing the story I've waited my whole comic-book-loving life for.

    Greg Rucka and Matthew Clark on ADVENTURES - Score. Greg's an incredible writer, matched equally with Matthew. When I heard the rumors that they might be working together on this, I was instantly excited. The confirmation is almost unbearable.

    NEW FRONTIER - Darwyn Cooke's labor of love looks more fantastic with each mere mention of it. This will most likely be the greatest tale of its kind since JLA: YEAR ONE.

    SOLO - No news of Mark Chiarello's artist-focused series as of late, but considering this is the guy who made BATMAN: BLACK AND WHITE happen, I can't wait for it.

    PLASTIC MAN - Kyle Baker's the man. Plastic Man is one of my all-time favorite characters. They're making a monthly of it. Sheer perfection.

    HARLEY & IVY - Good to know Dini and Timm really don't hate each other as was rumored. To see 'em doing a title that should be the most fun anyone will ever have reading a comic...well...it shows ya there's some good in the world.

    I think that's it...may come back with more as it dawns on me.
  4. Bubblegum Girl

    Bubblegum Girl Magic User Wannabe

    Jul 10, 2003
    Likes Received:
    I'm waiting for:
    • Teen Titans Go! Comics
    • Mystique TPB
    • Harley Quinn TPB
    • Gotham Girls TPB
    • And maybe a Posion Ivy mini-series :D

    Yep, I'm so interested in girl power comics! :D But with the exception of Teen Titans Go!, I'm not sure if these TPB will ever exist. :(
    #4 Bubblegum Girl, Aug 10, 2003
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 10, 2003
  5. Hatter

    Hatter Active Member

    Dec 22, 2002
    Likes Received:
    Well, my most anticipated book at this point is Marvel's I602...
    Thankfully, I only have to wait a few more days!
  6. rggkjg1

    rggkjg1 Batman v Superman

    Mar 2, 2002
    Likes Received:
    im most looking forward to:
    hush finale
    ultimate six
    jim lee on superman
    marc silvestri on new x-men
    born finale
    spider-man 2 movie
    the punisher movie
    kevin smith finishing spider-man/black cat and daredevil the target
    #6 rggkjg1, Aug 10, 2003
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 11, 2003
  7. delirium42

    delirium42 I am following my fish.

    Aug 9, 2003
    Likes Received:
    I definately have to agree on 1602. I've actually put myself on the hold list, which I rarely do. So that's my 'eek!' release. ^_^ O, and Endless Nights. Milo Manara does Desire, is anything else more right with the world? I'm so happy his work is gonna be shown to a more widestream audience.
  8. garthling

    garthling New Member

    Jul 26, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Well, each month, I can't wait to get the next issue of FKAJL. And, now that I've got #1 of the 5-part Dr.Fate mini, I'll be the same way with that. Something that comes out next month I think is JLA-Z#1 & I'm really looking forward to getting the 3 issues of this. It looks like it might be the definitive guide to everything Justice League. I also look forward to the next 3 issues of Aquaman, Green Arrow & Green Lantern & the next 2 of Hawkman& #51 of JSA(I need to know how "Princes of Darkness" ends). And, I'm hoping that there really will be an upcoming
    Firestorm book. Well, that's all.
  9. Anthonynotes

    Anthonynotes Active Member

    May 1, 2001
    Likes Received:
    "Crisis On Multiple Earths 2", the TPB sequel due out in November (according to Amazon.com anyway) of the one released awhile ago---both books collecting the old JLA/JSA teamup stories. This one probably covers the late 60's/early 70's period...

  10. Cogliostro

    Cogliostro Finish it...

    May 27, 2002
    Likes Received:
    I have a list of comics/comic related things that have me excited which I will post later but I can tell you right now I'M THE MOST EXCITED ABOUT: Gail Simone and UDON's return/finale of Agent X, Agent X #13-15! Which brings about the return of the merc with a mouth DEADPOOL! It all starts next week with Agent X #13! PLEASE everyone pick this up, give it a try, it really is a great title. :D
  11. DisneyBoy

    DisneyBoy Searchin' My Soul

    May 16, 2001
    Likes Received:
    I`m looking forward to several things..although whether or not I`ll have the money for them is a big issue :rolleyes:

    Batman Adventures - This series just makes me smile.

    Harley and Ivy - DUH! This comic-book three parter is nearly a decade overdue!

    Mattel Batgirl figure - I`m making it my personal quest to track her down, in her correct colors

    JL Articulated Wonder Woman, Flash, Superman, Darkseid and Joker - Sure, the accessories looked crazy (with red armor and such), but if the figures keep their proper color schemes, I`ll pick em up!

    A Catwoman trade paperback - I`ve heard so many good things about this series, but just can`t afford to buy it on a monthly basis. Hopefully, I`ll be able to get it all in a condensed version, at a lower price.

    Batman and Superman on DVD
    - I`m really looking forward to animated box sets and special editions of the live action Batman movies.

    Wonder Woman: Paradise Found - I know it`s already out in stores, and that Paradise Lost was hardly a masterpiece, but I love the art, and want to see if the certain something that happens to a certain character was properly handled.

    Mystery of the Batwoman - While I`m skeptical about the new voice of the Penguin and the animation, there`s no way I won`t buy this one!
  12. Ms. Kitty

    Ms. Kitty Is BUSTED!!!

    Mar 1, 2002
    Likes Received:
    I can't wait for:

    Catwoman TPB's the first one and future ones.
    Hush TPB (a biiig one) :)
    Harley & Ivy Miniseries (in TPB) :p
    Batman/Catwoman mini
    Gotham Girls TPB- I hope it gets made :)
    Ultimate Spiderman/X-Men TPB's
    Batman Animated comic TPB's -first series/current books + Mad Love
    Michael Turner on Batman! Woo-hoo!
    Money to purchase this stuff! :sweat: :D
  13. Green-Ghost

    Green-Ghost Active Member

    Feb 4, 2002
    Likes Received:
    It is cool that someone is as excited as I am about this project . :)
    I don't read good resonance on this news at the DCBoard. :shrug:

    Thanks Kitty :D

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