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Your in charge...re: Smallville movie...

Discussion in 'DC Live-Action Movies and Television' started by DR.MID-NITE, Feb 7, 2007.


    DR.MID-NITE The Original

    May 2, 2001
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    Someone at Warner Brothers was reading the forums and saw a natural talent in you...And they decide to give you the job of writing a Smallville motion picture to be made when the show ends. What would your story be about?

    (Please no Smallville flaming)

    -Mods if this thread is in the wrong place. Please feel free to move. Thanks.
  2. Dogbert

    Dogbert I Don't See Gravity

    Nov 2, 2003
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    I'd kill off Lana faster than Cyclops in X3. That and make Chloe the star. I'm totally serious by the way.
  3. Wounded_Dragon

    Wounded_Dragon Active Member

    Sep 10, 2002
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    Since Smallville has crapped over continuity so much already, I'd have Lana and Lex die, Lex transfers into a clone with loss of memories, Clark go on a "world tour" with Chloe that leads to experiences shaping him into Superman.
  4. Damien

    Damien Watching

    Jan 10, 2003
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    I'd make it a T.V. movie (Smallville: Man of Steel), just because we don't need two different continuities going on in the DC major motion picture universe.
    If the show hadn't cleared up how Lois, Lex, and Jimmy don't recognize Clark in a superhero outfit, I'd have to clean up that mess. It'd be easy enough to have situations where they don't see his face clearly, or I could carry on the show's wackiness tradition by throwing in some mass amnesia angle. Lana and Chloe would obviously know who Superman is.
    Chloe's journalism career would take a downward spiral, possibly from the overshadowing of Lois and Clark's rise in the business. She's reduced to shock jock radio dj. Her failing career and the burden of carrying Clark's secret will make her unstable, and she'll build up ratings with controversial anti-Superman sentiments. (You can probably see where this is going.) Somehow, maybe the way it's done in the animated series, an accident in the presence of Superman will presumably kill her. While everyone is still grieving, she'll return under the guise of Livewire.
    Lex will be up to no good, and may or may not team with Livewire. However, this raises the question of why she wouldn't just tell Lex who Superman is. If no team-up maybe the beginnings of a Bizarro plot. Since it's a one-shot movie, the Bizzaro project probably fails before the monster is even born, and most likely fails because of Superman's intervention.
    Just some thoughts.
  5. HaagenDas

    HaagenDas Active Member

    May 14, 2006
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    A young and distraught traveller comes. He is a loner, but a man of money. Bruce Wayne woos all 3 female peers of Clark. He instantly becomes hated by Lex Luthor and directly causes the breakup of the two.

    Later, we find out why Bruce Wayne has come to Smallville. Many years ago, Wayne Industries run by Thomas and Martha Wayne started becoming a huge competitor of Luthor Corp. A young and brash Lionel wanted them out of the way. What was supposed to be a sabbotage job done by a thug Lionel hires turns out to be a miscommunication and the thug murders Thomas and Martha Wayne.

    As Wayne finds out this information he gets filled with rage and tries to carry out redemption. He corners Lionel Luthor, who confesses to hiring the guy to sabbotage Wayne Industries, but completely denies that he ever asked the criminal to kill off Mr and Ms Wayne. Bruce has Lionel hanging over an edge. Clark shows up at the nick of time and sees what's happenning and gets scared thinking Bruce is about to commit murder. Clark yells to Bruce to stop and Bruce finally does. He realizes he cannot take a life but understands that his scare tactics are effective as Lionel admits to many incriminating and illegal activities. Realizing how obsessed Lex is, Lionel agrees to testify against Lex.

    Clark and Bruce are leaving the area as Lex comes into it. They dont see Lex, but Lex sees the two of them from a concealed position. He realizes that Lionel is trying to sell him out.Lex knows he can cover everything up but if Lionel testifies it is all over. Lex seeing Lionel betray him and make a deal with Bruce, the man who stole Lana from him, kills Lionel then and there. Bruce and Clark suspect Lex is responsible for Lionel's death but have no evidence against him. They both agree to work together to stop him in the future.

    Lana and Bruce break up, as Lana realizes that Bruce is an obssessed and troubled man whom would never let her in. She and Clark still are attracted to each other, but the two of them also realize they could never heal what they once had. Distraught by the pain, but understanding the threat posed by criminals like Lex, Clark feels the best way to stop him is to move to Metropolis. Clark re-acquaints with Perry White, the new Editor. Perry remembers Clark and instantly hires him. He now shares a desk with the new transfer reporter, Lois Lane.
  6. langden alger

    langden alger Active Member

    Jul 12, 2001
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    as stated, i think tv movie is the best way to go...

    a culmination of the phantom zone plot with lana being possessed by a powerful phantom zone escapee...meanwhile, the newly formed justice league is at the helm of taking down the luthor's biggest area 33.1 project-a cloning experiment involoving clark kent. the project has taken a wrong turn as the clone has degenerated into a monstrous threat referred to as 'bizarro.' bizarro escapes area 33.1 and goes on a rampage through metropolis on a path to smallville to hunt down who he belives is the cause of his pain-clark kent. the leauge faces it's biggest challenge trying to stop bizarro, who in his path of destruction injures chloe and lois...they desperatley need the help of clark, who has his hands full with the possessed lana who's phantom zone host begins manipulating clark through his deep buried feelings for lana...this sudden change in lana enrages lex, who attempts to fight clark and forms a new alliance with lionel...the luthors also manage to side with bizarro and help him hunt down clark...bizarro also discovers another area linked to jorel hiding a tool not yet found by clark-a special suit with a powerful cape. braniac steals the suit and has a final showdown with the justice league who gives him a good fight , but bizarro ultimatley escapes them...clark soon finds himself in a final battle against bizarro, lex and the possessed lana....after deafeating bizarro, clark is tragically forced to make an ultimate decision to sacrifice lana...clark however manages to save lana by seperating her from the spirit, banshing it back to phantom zone...seeing the passion and love between the two, an enraged lex attacks the two accidentaly killing lana...lex becomes hysterical and is easily overcome by clark, who knocks him unconsious. clark now also falls to his knees crying over lana's lifeless body, not believing what's before him..at the same moment, the suit on the fallen bizarro is then transferred by jorel before clark's feet near lana's body. trembling he looks it over slowly before lifting it up....an epilouge shows much time has passed. the up-and coming reporter lois lane now working at the daily planet covering a breaking story of the justice league's latest mission...she recives a call from chole, who is now a success in television media...as they discuss things we pan chloe's desk..among various awards on her desk sits a framed photo of lois.. she is standing beside her smiling colleague-mild mannered clark kent, wearing a grey suit and adorned with thick glasses. cut to a still, quiet cemetary. a frail lex, after suffering a nervous breakdown, sits in a whellchair near a tall tombstone, marked with the name lana lang...a solemn lionel stands by his side as the wind blows. we see a close-up of lex's hand. he is wearing lana's engagment ring, now melded with kryptonite. it begins glowing green......a cut to buidling near the cemetary...we see the back of the flowing red cape of clark's costume. clark, now superman stands atop the edge of the building. he looks on mournfully at the tombstone as well..he leaps off the the roof of the buidling and soars into the blue sky towards the towering shiny metropolis.

    ...i know i'm evading issues like martha's role, jimmy olsen, bigger parts for cloe&lois, the whole lex/lana marriage and baby, plus the possiblities of braniac being involved in some way...just a basic outline of how i might tackle the plot.
    #6 langden alger, Feb 8, 2007
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