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Your favorite WB pre-shutdown cartoon

Discussion in 'Saturday Morning Forever!' started by Toony Loon, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. Toony Loon

    Toony Loon What's all the hubub, bub?

    Jul 25, 2006
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    War and Pieces, Nuts and Volts, False Hare, Senorella and the Glass Hurache. Those are what I mean. all before DePatie-Freleng in the years 1963 and 1964. Which is your favorite? Some may be corny; some may have Bill Lava's terrible soundtrack; some may have jerky animation, but they are still classics.

    My favorites are Message to Gracias, To Beep or Not To Beep, and War and Pieces.
    #1 Toony Loon, Aug 24, 2006
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  2. Road Runner

    Road Runner Bona-Fide CN Hater

    Aug 27, 2006
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    My favorite...

    It's "Fine and Feathered" without a FIGHT! Out of all animation, I LOVE Road Runner and Coyote cartoons.

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