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Your biases in Nicktoons

Discussion in 'The Nicktoons Forum' started by Radical, Aug 5, 2014.

  1. Radical

    Radical The Face of Evil & Epicness!!!!!

    Nov 7, 2004
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    What are your favorite/least favorite particular biases in Nicktoons you watched?

    Here's my favorite biases,

    Comedy Shows: The Ren and Stimpy Show, Rocko's Modern Life, Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, The Angry Beavers, The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius/Planet Sheen, The Fairly OddParents, CatDog, SpongeBob SquarePants, Pelswick, Invader Zim, Catscratch, The Xs, Kappa Mikey, The Mighty B!, The Penguins of Madagascar, Fanboy and Chum-Chum, T.U.F.F. Puppy, Rocket Monkeys, Monsters vs. Aliens: The Series, and Sanjay and Craig whose comedy/hilarious scenes were so funny/enjoyable especially the great underrated/obscure Nicktoons too.

    Best Heroes: CGI Splinter/Leonardo/Donatello/Michaelangelo/Raphael, Tommy Pickles, Ren/Stimpy/Powdered Toastman, Rocko, Ickis/Krumm/Oblina, Arnold(Hey Arnold!), Jimmy Neutron, Eliza Thornberry/Nigel Thornberry, CatDog, Dib, Danny Phantom(Danny Fenton), Jenny(XJ-9), Aang/Sokka/Katara/Korra, Mikey(Kappa Mikey), Tak, Bessie Higgenbottom, Otis, Skipper/Rico/Kowalski/Private, Dudley/Kitty, Po, Gus/Wally/YAY-OK, Susan(Ginormica)/Dr. Cockroach, PhD/B.O.B./The Missing Link, and Sanjay/Craig whose heroism/courageous moments were pretty sweet, I put Ren Hoek there as much as his anti-heroism was great.

    Best Female Characters: CGI April/Irma/Karai, Didi/Betty/Kira/Lillian(Lil)/Susie/Kimi, Judy Neutron/Cindy/Libby/Britney/Betty, Sandy Cheeks, Jenny(XJ-9), Katara/Toph/Princess Azula/Mai & Ty Lee/Korra/Asami/Chief Lin Beifong, Lily/Mitsuki(Kappa Mikey), Bessie/Hilary/Penny/Portia/Gwen, Marlene the female otter, Kitty Katswell/Mrs. Katswell/The Little Chipmunk Girl/Madame Catastrophe/Evil Kitty Katswell(twin sister), Susan(Ginormica)/Sta'abi, and Darlene/Megan/Belle/Sandy(Sanjay and Craig) were my favorite awesome likable female characters in their best moments:D.

    Great Jerkholes: CGI Raphael/Casey Jones, Roger Klotz/Judy Funnie/Bebe/Lamar Bone, Ren Hoek, Mr. Edward "Ed" Bighead/Mr. Smitty/Dingo, The Gromble/The Snorch & Zimbo, Helga Pataki/Rhonda/Harold/Wolfgang, Cindy Vortex/Libby/Eustace, Cat/The Greacer Dogs: Cliff,Shriek,and Lube/Rancid Rabbit, Patrick Star/Squidward/Mr. Eugene Krabs, Boyd Scullarzo/Julie/Sandra, Dash/Paulina/Mr. Lancer, Mr. Blik(Catscratch), Truman X, Mikey/Lily(Kappa Mikey), Lok/Zaria/Blod & Bleeta, Portia/Gwen/Chelsea, King Julien XIII, Oz/Kyle Bloodworth-Thomason/Boog, Gus(Rocket Monkeys), Coverton/Sqweep/Sta'abi, and Mr. Leslie Noodman/Tyson whose obnoxious jerkinesses were so funny/enjoyable.

    Awesome Villains: Roger Klotz/Lamar Bone, Ren Hoek/Victor and his dad/Evil Ren/The Baboon/Waffle Woman, Mr. Edward "Ed" Bighead/Mr. Smitty/Peaches, Vicky/Mr. Denzel Crocker/Francis/Remy/Anti-Cosmo & Anti-Wanda/Foop/Princess Mandie/Dark Laser, Squidward/Sheldon Plankton/Squilliam, Zim/Gaz/Tak, Prince Zuko/Admiral Zhao/Princess Azula/Amon/Tarrlok/Unalaq/Vaatu/Varrick/Zaheer/Ming-Hua/P'Li/Kuvira, Vlad Masters(Vlad Plasmius)/Mr. Lancer, Lily(Kappa Mikey), Portia/Gwen/Chelsea, Dr. Blowhole/The Rat King/Officer X, Kyle Bloodworth-Thomason/Boog/Janitor Russ Poopatine, Dorkus, Scorpion/Fung/Temutai/Taotie/Hundun/Tong Fo/Wu Kong/Mei Ling, Lord Peel/Nefarious/Monkevil, Coverton/Coverlord/Sta'abi, and Mr. Leslie Noodman/Tyson who are my favorite awesome Nicktoon villains whose fun evil villainous actions were so enjoyable:D.Cool that Janitor Russ Poopatine is a parody of Emperor Palpatine, sweet.

    Punching Bag Characters that stand up for themselves: Doug Funnie, Tommy Pickles/Phil & Lil, Stimpy, Rocko, Ickis, Arnold(Hey Arnold!), Jimmy Neutron, Eliza Thornberry, CatDog, Sheldon Plankton, Pelswick, Prince Zuko, Bessie Higgenbottom, Po, and Wally(Rocket Monkeys) who were awesome at standing up to the obnoxious jerkoffs/villains that attack them.

    My least favorite biases,

    Unlikable Jerkholes/Villains: Robert "Big Bob" Pataki, Debbie Thornberry, Kevin C. Cucumber, Brit & Tiff(My Life as a Teenage Robot), Fire Lord Ozai, Eugene "Snotty Boy" Beady, Superintendent Woo/Princess Mei Li, and Mr. Leslie Noodman's Father, I dislike them so much as they were extremely awful/irritating, but their just desserts/bashings were satisfying to see!!!!I feel sorry for poor Mr. Leslie Noodman getting pranked by his horrible scumbag father.

    Cancelled Incomplete Nicktoons: Like Invader Zim as much as I want to see Zim succeed and have Gaz, Tak, and Invader Skoodge get more major focuses, oh well.
    #1 Radical, Aug 5, 2014
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  2. Gatordragon

    Gatordragon Everybody scream! This is Halloween!

    May 14, 2012
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    I used to watch Nick so much back in the day. Currently, I just watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  3. Lord Beckett

    Lord Beckett Cute and Mean

    Jun 24, 2010
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    Comedy Shows
    The Fairly OddParents (pilot season up to season 5)
    Rocko's Modern Life

    Adventure Shows

    Hero Shows
    My Life as a Teenage Robot
    TUFF Puppy

    Favorite protagonists
    Timmy Turner

    Favorite antagonists
    The Chameleon

    Favorite sidekicks
    Kitty Katswell

    Favorite incidental/obscure/sidecharacters
    Kimi Finster
    The Little Chipmunk Girl
    Avatar's Cabbage Salesman
    Ralph Bighead

    Favorite pairings
    Vicky/Human Mark
    Kitty/Dudley (somewhat)

    Stuff I don't care for
    Spongebob Squarepants
    Fanboy and Chumpchump
    Anything Hartman has done since moving from Frederator to Billionfold
    Most other Klasky-Csupo programming
    Live action shows

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