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You Cast Your "Secret Wars" Team!

Discussion in 'The Marvel Animation Forum' started by Stu, Aug 2, 2004.

  1. Stu

    Stu Marvel Animation Age Webmaster
    Staff Member Administrator

    Apr 15, 2002
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    Inspired by randomguys "You Cast Toon Zone: The Movie" over at the Fun and Games board, and several discussions we've had on Spider-Man: The Animated Series version of the classic comic book, I thought we could try it here.

    So how about this, you pick a leader, and 7 people you'd take with you to fight. Also, say which cartoon's version you'd pick (TAS or Wolverine Evo, 80's or 90's Hulk etc)

    So, pick your team!
  2. randomguy

    randomguy Came, liked Ike, and left.

    Jan 5, 2002
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    I'm so awesome.


    Just kidding.

    Anyhow, cool question. My leader, without question, is Captain America, the quintessential commander, strategist, and man of the people. There is no better leader (see his awesome role in JLA/Avengers #4 for the most conclusive proof ever). I'd say use the Evo incarnation. We didn't see a lot of him, but he appeared pretty badass to me.

    Next up is the muscle. Any team needs the guy who can smash stuff. Tempted as I am to choose the Hulk (HULK SMASH!, and all that), I'd have to go with the Thing. He's not quite as tough as the Hulk, but he has the added benefit of being fully in control, and having more heart.

    Then you come to the brains. That's Reed Richards. Obviously.

    I think a wild card is important. Somebody you wouldn't see coming, who can fill in perhaps a more specialized role. This could go any number of ways. Hawkeye, Daredevil, Wolverine... any of them could fill such a spot. But I'd have to go with Spider-Man. Just for fun, why not use the MTV one?

    My next choice is on the unorthodox side, and I select him only on the condition that he fights dirty: Charles Xavier. Seriously, folks, if that man really uses those telepathy powers, then you can kiss the opposition goodbye.

    Thor, because it never hurts to have a god on your side.

    And finally, the fighter that no team could possibly live without... Howard the Duck.
  3. Bryangst

    Bryangst JERK

    Aug 28, 2003
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    Wow, this would be something pretty tough. Can we use characters that are not from any of the animated series'?
  4. Stu

    Stu Marvel Animation Age Webmaster
    Staff Member Administrator

    Apr 15, 2002
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    As in, characters that have never been animated? Like Black Widow? Don't see why not :)


    Who's really not sure if Black Widow has ever been animated or not :p
  5. Eddie G.

    Eddie G. Former Wolf/Writer.

    Sep 1, 2003
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    Eh, I'm going to kind of break the cartoon rule. I know each version of these characters have been special but I for one have been more of a fan of the books than the toons.

    Leader: Spiderman, the obvious choice is Captain America but the interesting choice and the one good thing about Spiderman:TAS's Secret Wars was Spiderman in a leadership role. Pete deserves the role as much as Steve or Reed, but with Peter having to be leader and deal with a team is a situation he isn't usually in.

    Captain America is a no brainer. I would go into the reasons why he needs to be on the team, but is there really a point?

    Human Torch because I don't like Mr. Fantastic that much and the Thing is too obvious of a choice. Now not to say that the Thing isn't more of a hero than the Torch, but I think Storm offers something different and would interact well with Spiderman and America.

    Cyclops is one of my favorite X-men and I think a little more interesting that Wolverine. Beyond that it would be really cool to see him on the same team with my next choice...

    Magneto. I think it would be awesome for people who've had to fight him in the past to have to work with him. And he is a hero of sorts, I never read the original Secret Wars but heard that he was considered a hero because if given one wish his wish would be selfless.

    She Hulk would be on my team only because she is a more traditional superhero than Hulk and because her current book is my favorite read right now. Also you need some girl power on the team or the whole thing just isn't fun at all.

    Daredevil is kind of my wild card. I really think it would be awesome to see Matt deal with a more sci/fi situation than he's used to. Besides he's probably the most true hero of the group.

    Iron Man if only because he is different from everyone else on the team.
  6. EddieTheEditor

    Mar 12, 2004
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    Captain America- Leader: He's been in war before, after all. Add that to his days leading the Invaders and the Avengers and he's a prime canidate.

    Mr. Fantastic- Background Mastermind: Hard at work trying to figure out what malevolent forces brought them so far from home.

    Howard The Duck - Co-Background Mastermind: He wouldn't fight, of course. He'd be the guy trying to pull a fast one on the Beyonder and get them all home a lot quicker. Or at least himself.

    Spider-Man- Stealth: I imagine climbing on walls is a great advantage in this field.

    She-Hulk- Haymaker: And Attorney! And we'll pretend the Juggernaut thing never happened! Because the thought of it really, really creeps me out!

    Morph - Obligatory "X" character: Stupid "X" union. But, Morph's cool.

    Illuminator- Punching bag: Wiped clean off Marvel continuity in the first five seconds.

    And on the EVIL side...

    Dr. Doom-Leader: Hey, he rules a country; why not a team?

    Leader- Background Mastermind: Just look at his effin' head!

    Dr. Bong- Co-Background Mastermind: He can make things happen just by using sound. He's gotta be a bright bulb!

    Mystique - Stealth: She barely beat out Chameleon.

    Abomination - Haymaker: Ever read "Abominable"?

    Mojo - Obligatory "X" character: This is JUST the season finale he needs!

    Tombstone- Punching Bag: Need I say more?
  7. Donald Duck 12

    Donald Duck 12 Heaven Bound- Happy Easter!

    Jul 14, 2004
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    Iceman (Amazing Friends): That series made Iceman my favorite X-Man after Beast. He wouldn't be the slacker he is in XME or the comics, he'd act as kind of a sensible team player. And somewhat of a deputy leader.

    Shadowcat (XME) She would have the youth and arrogance that Iceman doesn't have in this. Kitty would make an even more interesting team.

    Spider-Man (TAS) He would be the unofficial leader of the team. Spider-Man would constantly fight with the Hulk, Punisher, and Iceman. He still would be sensitive and help Shadowcat fit in. Invisible Woman would become a love interest. Spider-Man still would have more problems than anybody.

    Incredible Hulk (TAS) He only stays around the rest of team, because he finds some refuge. A lot of time would be wasted trying to calm him down.

    Daredevil (TAS) The spiritual center of the group. DD would keep rivalries under control. Except his rivalry with the Punisher. Daredevil is also the most aware of what is happening.

    Invisible Woman (TAS) This would show her for what she is. Sue is potrayed as weak and just someone to play the female charechtor. Even in the Comics. Here she would be an excellent team player and develop a crush on Spider-Man.

    Punisher (TAS): The real wild card of the group! Frank would hate everybody. He would also be the most arrogant member and not think before he shoots.
  8. OmegaPaladin

    OmegaPaladin WereWampa of Zeal

    Apr 6, 2004
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    A purely animated team...

    Leader: Captain America (XM:TAS) - the guy was born to lead. He's also tough enough to avoid being a weak link.

    Second in Command: Cable (XM:TAS) - He's hardcore, and a dedicated soldier. He lead a resistance against APOCALYPSE, after all. He is also extremely versatile.

    Technical Specialist: Iron Man (IM:TAS S2) - He's extremely versatile, but a poor leader. He would be an excellent team member.

    Mystical Specialist: Doctor Strange (SM:TAS) - His abilities as Sorceror Supreme are amazing, and would be effective against enemies immune to technology.

    Infiltration Specialist: Spiderman w/ advanced nanosuit (SU) - He's extremely good at sneaking around, and a good team player. He's also fast and cabable of holding his own in combat.

    Infiltration Specialist: Psylocke (XM:TAS) - Being a psychic ninja is quite helpful. She would also add girl power.

    Combat Specialist: Thing (FF:TAS S2) - He's the best "tank" character in the MU. A good team member

    Rogue Character: Magneto (XM:TAS) - Extremely powerful, highly intelligent, and not averse to teamwork.
  9. Westlander

    Westlander Active Member

    Mar 16, 2004
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    Captain America - he's THE American Soldier.
    Cyclops - "he's a jerk, but a jerk with tactical skills" :D
    Heavy Support:
    Colossus - honk the horn, run'em over.
    Iron Man - well, he can fly. He can blow things up. So why not.
    The Thing - honk the horn and run'em over again.
    Fast Attack:
    Johnny Storm
    (fire and ice - both cover all the sides)
    Sue Storm - invisibility and telekinetics. Both very useful.
    Reed Richards - knowledge base and tech support.
    Doctor Strange - because you never know what may happen...
    Jean Grey - telepathic relay...Useful.
  10. Batman

    Batman The Dark Knight

    Aug 11, 2004
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    The Leader is
    (SPIDER-MAN)- STAS 90 (Spider-Man TheAnimated series)
    The Team is
    (Captain America)- STAS 90 guest star in (Spider-Man The Animated series)
    (The Hulk)with Bruce Banners mind intact.- HTAS 90 (The Incredible Hulk Aniamated Series)
    (Iron Man) - IMTAS 90 (Iron Man The animated series)
    (Thor)- TAAS 90 (The Avengers The animated series)
    (Vision)- TAAS 90 (The Avengers The animated series)
    (Scarlet Witch)- TAAS 90 ( The Avengers The animated series)
    (She Hulk)- HTAS 90 (The Incredible Hulk Animated series)
  11. Donald Duck 12

    Donald Duck 12 Heaven Bound- Happy Easter!

    Jul 14, 2004
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    In the Spider-Man: TAS episode Spider Slayers. The Spider Slayers name was Black Widow and it was designed to remove Spidey's power. That's definetly not the traditional Black Widow!
  12. ToxicOne

    ToxicOne Is feeling creative

    Aug 10, 2004
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    My team:
    Leader-Captain America: Why not? He's the perfect leader.
    Second-in-Command-Cyclops: He's led the X-men on many occasions and proven himself to be a capable field leader.
    Tech Specialist- Iron Man: Very good with machines and a strong suit of armor to boot.
    Enforcer-Thor: He's got god-like strength. Need I say more?
    Recon-Ghost Rider(Johnny Blaze): Can zip around on his motor cycle really fast. Pretty durable too.
    Air Recon-Human Torch(original): Can fly pretty well, and packs a mean flame attack.
    Heavy Weapons Support-War Machine: Can lay down LOTS of cover fire.
    Everything else-Spider-Man: He can round out the team rather well.
  13. SecretWars

    SecretWars Guest

    Firstly - I'm a NewB here... so Hi.

    Secondly - I'm in the UK and we probly dont even get half the animated series you peeps do (Guessing most of you are US???) So I'm gonna go for the Comic Approach on some of the cast.

    Leader....Optimus Prime ...(yeah - oddball choice).... Why?? He has lead his race in a war situation for thousands of years successfully. Even against a planet sized enemy. Also although I don't know loads about the seeming Fave - Capt. America... I find him annoying. ;)

    Muscle - Gotta have Hulk... worth it just for the Madder = Stronger point. I'd have the version where he can decide to change (but Banner doesn't maintain control in Hulk form) As he keeps the Madder/Stronger thing that way but is more controlled.

    Muscle x 2 - Juggernaut - He cannot be stopped. Nuff said (version where he has helmet and scullcap underneath) ... And yes... he has been a Hero of sorts... so I feel OK to pick him.

    Massive power and Recon expert - Silver Surfer - The power of the cosmos in a neat silver packet! Ultra fast. And nigh on Indestructable.:cool:

    Now.. the Laydeeeez......;)

    Storm - 2 Reasons... 1) professional: She controls the weather... a massive force that most characters cant to a lot about. 2) personal: ... Wow! ... now THAT is a woman!!.. ;) :D

    Rogue - Can take whatever power the opposition may have (for a while) - VERY handy... also can Kill with a touch....nice.

    Jean Gray - Needed to fend of any Psychic attack. Got some pretty cool attacks of her own too....

    I REALLY WANTED Wolverine in the team as he is one of my favouritve characters... but realistically It leaves too much of an Emphasis on Muscle power.... and Hulk and Juggernaut are way stronger (Juggers is nowhere near as cool tho) and the only other highly specialist ability he has is healing.... maybe i'd swap Rougue for him tho.... tuff one... can't we have eight members?!?!? ...although also would like Spidey ...(worth it just for his sense of humour!!)... Nine maybe... ?!?! :p :D
  14. Storm

    Storm Active Member

    Dec 1, 2001
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    Black Widow was never animated however I would be very interested in seeing her animated if done right.

    - Fray


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