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You Can't Judge a Book by its Cover (Sabrina fan-fiction)

Discussion in 'The Story Board' started by hobbyfan, Aug 30, 2013.

  1. hobbyfan

    hobbyfan Well-Known Member

    Jun 9, 2002
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    Sabrina's new series has been delayed by the Hub (I've read either September or October, haven't seen any ads on the air yet), so, to tie you over, let's return to where we left off after our last adventure..........

    All characters, save for incidentals I've created, are copyright Archie Comics/Filmation/Dreamworks Classic.
    Chapter 1:

    They say competition is good for business. Unfortunately, Edna Mae McDermott doesn't believe in that axiom anymore.

    Edna owns and operates the Style Barn, which has been a primary tenant at the Center City Mall since it opened 30 years ago, but before that, the Barn was housed in the same building where New Dimensions Fashions currently is located, becoming the latest tenant in the building since Style Barn moved out in 1983. Since that time, 15 other businesses, mostly clothing stores except for the last tenant, a dance studio, have opened, but closed within 2 years or less, while Style Barn has thrived in its larger surroundings.

    However, Edna isn't content with her success. It seems she believes she still owns the building she left behind, and will go to any lengths to force other tenants out. The reasons why have never been made clear. Until now.

    A week before Labor Day, Betty Cooper & Sabrina Spellman were busily preparing the fall season displays at New Dimensions on what otherwise was a day off for the two teens. The store had been closed on Sundays, but would soon add Sunday hours in anticipation of early Christmas sales toward the end of the year. Just before the girls were ready to leave, Sabrina happened to find something in a cabinet beneath the sink in the washroom.

    "Betty!", she called. "Take a look at this!!"

    The two met in the storeroom, where Sabrina was dusting off a strongbox that had been housed in the cabinet for what seemed like forever.

    "What could be inside, Sabrina?", Betty asked.

    "Only one way to find out.", the teen sorceress replied. Since Betty was the only one of her classmates privy to her secrets, Sabrina didn't have a problem using her witchcraft to open the box. Once she did, the girls' eyes widened with shock and, then, excitement. There was a lot of money in the box.

    "$250,000!", Betty exclaimed. "A cool quarter of a million! This can help the store immensely!"

    "Yes, but that explains why someone tried to break into the store the other night.", Sabrina replied soberly. "Two thieves tried coming in through the back door right as I was leaving. Of course, they were so clumsy, they tripped the burglar alarm and fled like a couple of scalded dogs."

    "You didn't happen to....."

    "Guilty. I turned them into dogs until the police arrived with a dogcatcher.", Sabrina said, chuckling as she recalled the incident. "3rd time this month someone's tried it."

    "Very strange that someone would keep trying to rob us.", Betty replied. "We've been open less than three months."

    "But it fits the pattern I read about. Every business that was here before us was run out in 1-2 years by someone constantly trying to break in or hassle the staff."

    "Then the only thing to do with the money is turn it over to the police."

    "Exactly, and I can get us there in no time."

    Sabrina closed the box, locked up the store, and teleported herself & Betty to Riverdale Police Headquarters. Sergeant Dennis Clancy couldn't believe his good fortune.

    "Faith & begorra!", he exclaimed. "We've been trying to find this box for 30 years, lassies!"

    Clancy then recounted how the First Riverdale Bank had been robbed in January 1983. The thieves were later caught trying another robbery, but the money from the earlier holdup had never been recovered. Until now. As soon as Police Chief Robert Bolling heard the news, he took the money into custody, and promised the girls they'd be rewarded, after the money was returned to the bank the next day.

    News of the recovery reached the Style Barn on Monday, leaving Edna McDermott in shock.

    "Incredible!", she exclaimed to her sister and business partner, Elaine. "I thought Erwin had buried that money somewhere before the police caught him."

    Erwin was Edna's ex-husband, who died in prison without ever revealing where the money was hidden. Edna had searched the building over and over again without success, and never gave it a thought that the money was in the least likeliest of places.

    "Whatever possessed Erwin to rob that bank in the first place?", Elaine asked.

    "He was greedy.", Edna replied. "He wasn't satisfied living in the lap of luxury. Meant for me to have the money if anything happened to him, but now, it's back in the bank where it belonged."

    "Surely you're not thinking of taking that money back?"

    "No. There's no further need to hassle those kids at New Dimensions. They found the money, and they did the right thing with it. I was against Erwin stealing that money in the first place."

    "But. There's a but, isn't there?"

    "But they're still competition. If we start losing business, then we'll put the full court press on them."

    It's hard figuring Edna out, isn't it? While no one's going to be sneaking in at New Dimensions just yet, time may change everything, as we'll see in chapter 2.
  2. hobbyfan

    hobbyfan Well-Known Member

    Jun 9, 2002
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    Chapter 2:

    A month had passed, and, with it, the "curiosity period" for a new business like New Dimensions had ended. Business began to drop, despite the fact that owner Barbara Schubert had expanded hours on Monday through Friday, opening until 9 pm, and cutting hours on Saturdays to 12-6, the same hours that would be in effect on Sundays during the Christmas shopping season. 4 new employees were hired, including assistant manager Debbie Sawyer, who came to Riverdale from Bonwit Teller in New York, where she was procurement manager for 15 years. Betty, Sabrina, Veronica Lodge, & Midge Klump were all on the cheerleading team at school, and would alternate working the 5-9 shift on weeknights, getting weekends off.

    Around October 1, Barbara & Debbie had returned from a weekend business trip in New York, where they brought back some new mannequins for the store for the winter season. Little did they know how much trouble the mannequins would soon cause.

    Two nights later, Sabrina was working with Betty and Chloe Turner, one of the newcomers. Chloe was a petite brunette in her early 20's who'd graduated from Northeastern University with her twin sister, Christina, earlier in the year. The only way to tell the twins apart was the blond streak in the center of Chloe's hair, something she'd had since college. As Chloe was dusting one of the mannequins, she noticed a customer enter the store, a Mrs. Phyllis Rankin. Leaving her shoes next to the mannequin, Chloe raced over to wait on Mrs. Rankin, who was the head librarian at the public library. A few minutes later, Chloe returned to the mannequin she'd been cleaning, and noticed that her black flats had disappeared.

    "What is going on here?", she thought to herself. She didn't want to alarm Betty or Sabrina, and tried locating the shoes herself. Abruptly, she heard a strange sound. Turning in the direction of the noise, Chloe barely had a chance to even scream before everything went black.

    In the storeroom, Betty & Sabrina were in the middle of doing inventory when they heard Chloe cry out. Immediately, the two teens raced back into the store's main section. It was Betty who found Chloe----or what was left of her.

    "Sabrina! You need to see this!", she called.

    As the teen sorceress approached, the girls heard a faint voice, belonging to Chloe.

    "Girls, please! Don't come any closer!", she wailed. "The same could happen to you, too!"

    The sound came from a pantyhose form mannequin that had been on the floor. Only thing was, it was Chloe, whose upper torso had disappeared, leaving her dressed in her tan nylons.

    "Chloe?", Sabrina asked. "What happened?"

    "I was coming back to finish dusting. Next thing I know, someone threw a cloak over my head, and, well, you can see the result. I'm still here, but you can't see me from the waist up."

    "But, how is that possible?", Betty asked.

    "I don't know. Girls, I'm scared this could end up being permanent! Help me!", Chloe cried.

    "Chloe, just close your eyes and start thinking happy thoughts.", Sabrina suggested. "We'll get you back to normal as soon as possible."

    Chloe obeyed. Sabrina used her witchcraft to discern the heat signature that would help her restore Chloe to full humanity. A quick incantation later, and Chloe, fully dressed, was whole again.

    "You can open your eyes now, Chloe.", Betty said, winking at Sabrina. "The lights might've been playing tricks on you."

    "No, they weren't.", Chloe protested. "There was someone here. he took my shoes, then turned me into a mannequin. He must've left when I screamed."

    "That means he didn't finish the job.", Sabrina said. "Whomever he is, he'll be back."

    A short time later, the girls closed the store for the night. Chloe had found her missing shoes, and Betty dropped her off at home. The next morning, Edna McDermott paid a call on Barbara.

    "I would keep a close watch on things here the next few days.", she warned. "I had three of my staff disappear the last two days, only to return, transformed into mannequins. I have no way of knowing how to cure them. I certainly can't take them to the hospital."

    "No, you wouldn't be able to.", Barbara agreed. "Thanks for the warning."

    As Edna left, two strange beings were watching from a nearby alley, paying close attention to Barbara, who was young and attractive, as opposed to the dowager Edna. Tonight, they'd try again to add to their collection. Or would they?
    Chloe was turned into, well, half a mannequin, and three others were also changed. Just what is the strangers' purpose? We'll find out in chapter 3.
  3. hobbyfan

    hobbyfan Well-Known Member

    Jun 9, 2002
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    Chapter 3:

    Chloe and Betty reported for work later that afternoon, and Chloe was afraid of going near the mannequins, fearing that this time she'd end up joining them. Sabrina arrived minutes later, and she & Betty were called into Barbara's office.

    "I realize you two weren't supposed to come in today, but I can't reach either Veronica or Midge.", Barbara said. "I hope nothing's happened to them."

    "Nothing at all.", Betty assured her. "Midge said she left a message for you to say she wouldn't be in. Family emergency. Ronnie's probably running late."

    Just then, Veronica came in, and promptly waited on a customer, leaving her bags under the counter, while Chloe was helping another customer. A few minutes later, as Barbara left for the day, Veronica explained her tardiness away by saying she was detained at home, having to take a couple of calls for her father before leaving for work. She confirmed Betty's report of Midge's absence, and said that Midge's father had been rushed to the hospital. Midge left right before practice. Barbara checked her office voice mail, and picked up Midge's message, then breathed a sigh of relief.

    Just before closing, three women entered the store, all dressed in long hats & trenchcoats. One went straight for Chloe, but was intercepted by a psychic bolt from Sabrina, who happened to exit the storeroom just in the nick of time.

    "Chloe! In the storeroom! Now!", she called.

    The visitors were in fact living mannequins, the same three that had vanished from Style Barn earlier in the week. One removed her gloves and moved toward Sabrina, but was rebuffed by another psi-bolt. It was a good thing there were no customers in the store at the time. Betty & Chloe emerged from the storeroom, but Sabrina told them to stay back.

    "Betty, call the police. I'll take care of this otherwise.", she said.

    The mannequins lurched forward, having shed their coats, hats & gloves. One touch, Sabrina realized, and she would be like them. She tugged on her ear and produced a ball of magical energy, which chilled the air around the three mannequins, freezing them. Next instant, a 2nd ball of magic restored the trio to normal.

    A few minutes later, Chief Bolling and Edna McDermott arrived. Edna was relieved that her employees weren't hurt, but wondered why they came to New Dimensions.

    "I tried asking them questions.", Sabrina said, "But they're not talking."

    Not far away, a black panel truck was pulling away, headed for parts unknown.
    Later that night, Sabrina discussed the case with her aunt Hilda.

    "Didn't you say Mrs. McDermott was a widow?", Hilda asked.

    "Yes. Her husband died in prison.", Sabrina replied.

    "Not so fast. Take a look at this."

    Hilda pulled out a newspaper article on a recent robbery in Greendale. The robber, caught on camera, looked suspiciously like the supposedly deceased Erwin McDermott.

    "I went to the library today.", Hilda continued. "Something told me to check the microfilm on that bank robbery in 1983. That's where this comes in."

    She handed Sabrina a picture from the newspaper account of the bank robbery. Sabrina noticed the resemblance.

    "You don't suppose he faked his death?", she asked.

    "It's either that, or some form of suspended animation. There are dozens of adult fantasy stories that have women, and sometimes men, turned into mannequins, claiming that they would be eternally young and attractive. But as we both know, mannequins break down over time, and they lose their appearance. I'm willing to bet, given the mannequin angle, our Mr. McDermott decided to live on as a mannequin until he was ready to return to life."

    Meanwhile, in a dilapidated shack just outside town, the truck pulled into the parking lot. Two hooded men emerged and entered the shack.

    "Well?", a third man asked.

    "We lost our soldiers. They were ready for us.", one man said.

    "Blast it!", Erwin McDermott said, removing his hood. "I wanted that money, and those brats have it. Edna's bimbos won't be able to talk to her or the cops, thanks to the formula I gave them, and it's just a matter of time before we get them back in the fold. By then, those New Dimensions girls will be part of our army anyway."
    So it's about the money Sabrina & Betty found and turned in, after all. But why turn innocent women into mindless mannequins? And how did Erwin fake his death, anyway? Everything will be answered in chapter 4.
  4. hobbyfan

    hobbyfan Well-Known Member

    Jun 9, 2002
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    Chapter 4:

    Shortly after midnight, the stationary mannequins at New Dimensions suddenly sprang to life, and set about trashing the store. Inside their heads, all they heard was one command:

    "Find the money!"

    However, one of the mannequins tripped the burglar alarm. At once, they returned to their stations and were frozen back in place as if nothing had happened.

    Meanwhile, Barbara had been in her lab on the 3rd floor, and had seen what happened on the security cameras.

    "What brought this on?", she wondered.

    A short time later, Chief Bolling made that same inquiry of Barbara, who asked that the mannequins be removed from the store. The next morning, she arrived at Police Headquarters to find Edna & Elaine waiting for her, as the other mannequins----Edna's twin daughters, Courtney & Carolyn, and Elaine's daughter-in-law, Alison---were in the interrogation room. The three shopkeepers compared notes.

    "Sounds like someone set up those mannequins you bought for this plot.", Elaine suggested. "Like the Trojan Horse of Greek myth."

    "That much makes sense, but the underlying question is who would gain from hurting both of our stores?", Barbara replied.

    At that moment, Sabrina and her cousin, Ambrose, passed off as a psychic profiler, were meeting with the former mannequins. Together, they probed the girls' minds, hoping to find any clues. Sabrina, using her telepathic powers, was able to fully free the girls from the effects of the mannequinization process. As Alison later explained, each of the three were injected with a needle containing a powerful serum that transformed them into mannequins. However, they never saw their attackers' faces.

    Acting on a tip from Barbara, Sabrina & Ambrose moved to the impound center, where the New Dimensions mannequins had been stored. They, too, had been human, and were similarly changed some two months ago. Ambrose found a remote control device in each of the mannequins' necks, which Sabrina removed via telekinetic surgery. The rest was easy, as the "dummies" regained their human forms. One of them, Kasey Bauman, said she and her three friends worked for Fashion Fair's store in Long Island, and were abducted during a robbery. She knocked the mask off one of the thieves before she was injected with the formula, but she does remember his face. Sabrina then reached into her pocketbook and pulled out the newspaper clipping Hilda had given her.

    "Is this the man?", she asked, pointing at Erwin McDermott.

    "Yes, it is!", Kasey exclaimed. "He said he owned us, and if Fashion Fair wanted us back, they'd have to pay a stiff price. I guess he meant to bring us back to work as mannequins, but forgot us until we were shipped here."
    Later that night, Betty & Sabrina, dressed in black leotards and tights with hoods, staked out the Riverdale location of Fashion Fair.

    "What are we looking for?", Betty asked.

    "Watch & see.", Sabrina replied, pointing toward the front window. At that moment, the store mannequins sprang to life. The girls then moved in.

    "Time to go to work.", Sabrina quipped.

    Teleporting inside, the masked teenagers caught the attention of the mannequins long enough for Sabrina to subdue them with a psionic bolt, the same way she did the night before. A quick spell restored the "dummies" to human form just before the police arrived. Hearing the sirens, Sabrina teleported herself & Betty out of the store. The next day, Fashion Fair's Riverdale manager, Elisa Simon, was at Police Headquarters, as her formerly missing, then transformed, employees gave statements to the police, corroborating what had been revealed by the other victims.

    Just before dark on Sunday, Erwin McDermott and his two accomplices arrived at Fashion Fair, and noticed that the damage, kept minimal, had been cleaned up. Same thing at New Dimensions and Style Barn.

    "If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.", Erwin fumed. "Search the entire building for the money! It's got to be here somewhere!"

    "I guess you don't read the papers.", said a voice.

    "Who said that?", McDermott asked, flashing a gun.

    Outside, Superteen (Betty's alter-ego) appeared, on a rare case.

    "The money you're looking for was recovered weeks ago, and returned to its rightful owners at the bank.", she said. "You've wasted your time on a fool's errand."

    "Oh? Who's the fool now?", McDermott asked as he loaded his gun with a needle. "This ain't a revolver, girl, but rather a needle gun. I need someone like you to help me get that money back."

    But before McDermott could fire, the gun was dislodged from his hand by a psychic bolt from Sabrina, who had disguised herself as a mannequin, then "unfroze" just at the right time. She & Superteen disarmed and overpowered the thieves just as the sirens rang out, heralding the police's arrival.

    "Time to go again!", Superteen said as the two dashed off into the night.

    McDermott and his henchmen were taken into custody. Meanwhile, Betty, who'd reverted to normal, was on a rooftop with Sabrina, far away from the police.

    "What made you suspect McDermott?", she asked. "Besides the picture in the paper, that is."

    "I did some digging on my computer after coming home last night. Turns out he had a cellmate who was made up to look like him and act as a decoy. That man sacrificed himself so that McDermott could escape. He moved to Long Island, where he found those Fashion Fair girls, and had been lying low until a few weeks ago. I think he heard something about the money turning up, but couldn't remember where he'd hid it all those years ago. As for that formula, he'd developed it while in prison, intent on using it for some caper like this."

    "But what about the way Chloe was turned half-invisible?"

    "That was a bag of black light McDermott somehow had managed to create. We've still got the bag back at the store."
    The next night, after work, a still-fearful Chloe was summoned to the back room. Sabrina showed her the bag containing the black light.

    "P-Please k-k-keep it away!", Chloe cried.

    "Don't be scared.", Betty assured her. "We figured out what to do with it. Here, I'll show you."

    Betty removed her skirt & shoes, and took a large handful of black light out of the bag. Shaping it into what she needed, the perky teenager pulled it over her head and torso, which suddenly disappeared, leaving what otherwise would be a pantyhose form.

    "See what I mean, Chloe?", she asked.

    "Can you s-s-s-see m-m-me?", Chloe stammered.

    "Yes, I can. There's nothing to worry about."

    Betty held Chloe's hands as she made a suggestion.

    "Don't be scared. Just try it on."

    Chloe pulled her skirt & shoes off and pulled on the black light, becoming a half-woman again. She spun, and almost knocked Betty to the floor.

    "Ooooops. Sorry.", she said.

    "It's ok, Chloe, you're fine.", Betty replied. "You sure you don't want to jump in, Sabrina?"

    "One of us has to remain human.", the teen sorceress cracked. "You can remove those black light outfits, and then we can go home."

    A short time later, Betty & Sabrina dropped Chloe off at her apartment.

    "Thanks for everything, girls.", she said. "Now, I'm not so scared. Maybe we can use that black light around Halloween?"

    "Hmmm, that's a great idea, Chloe.", Sabrina replied. "I know just how to use it, too."
    We haven't seen the last of the black light, as we'll see in chapter 5.
  5. hobbyfan

    hobbyfan Well-Known Member

    Jun 9, 2002
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    Chapter 5:

    Halloween came, and with it was the annual Riverdale High Halloween dance. Everything seemed to be going just fine until faculty supervisor Geraldine Grundy motioned for Betty to meet her in the hall, away from the action. Betty, dressed as Marie Antoinette, hustled out to talk to her teacher.

    "What seems to be the problem, Miss Grundy?", she asked.

    "The police just called. There's been an incident at your house. Your father was attacked."

    "Oh, no!", Betty gasped. "Is he hurt?"

    "They put your mother on and she said he was fine, didn't need to go to the hospital. Seems the burglar alarms rang late and scared off the thieves."

    "I'd better leave for home, then."

    Betty rejoined the party and pulled her date, Archie Andrews, aside. Dressed as a Musketeer, Archie was briefed on what had happened, and offered to drive Betty home. The couple soon departed, but not before Betty sent Sabrina, dressed as a ninja, a telepathic message.

    "Don't worry about me.", she said. "Just a family emergency. I'll call you after you get home."

    Lt. Nelson Pierce was still interviewing Betty's parents when she & Archie reached home 10 minutes later. The teens were quickly briefed on the incident. Hal, Betty's father, had intercepted a pair of thugs trying to break in, and was slugged in the back of the head with a blackjack but then the alarm sounded.

    "Did you get a good look at the thieves, Dad?", Betty asked.

    "Yes, dear. It's those two Crawford boys from Center City High. I think it has to do with Saturday's football game."

    "Come to think of it,", Archie said, "there's been a rash of incidents around town leading up to the game. I know it's a rivalry game, but this is ridiculous!"

    Archie excused himself and headed for home to check his house. Soon, Betty changed costumes, switching to Superteen to try to locate Mark & Matt Crawford, Center City High's two biggest star players----and their most annoying personalities. She counted herself thankful Superteen now wore a cowled mask to hide her face. She quickly tracked the brothers to the Riverdale City College Haunted House, which would give them enough of an alibi----or so it would seem.

    However, the Haunted House, like the party, ended at 10. Stationed on the roof of an abandoned building across the street, Superteen waited for the Crawfords to leave, but they never did. As she alighted back to the street, the crimson-clad crimebuster was startled to hear a voice behind her.

    "It's Halloween, so why don't we scare them out?"

    "Sabrina? Is that you?"

    The teen sorceress was in the alley, encased in a blacklight bodysuit over her ninja costume. She knew Superteen & Betty were one and the same from an earlier adventure.

    "I've got just enough for you, my friend.", she said. "The better to scare the thieves out into the open."

    Seconds later, the two invisible teens headed into the house. Moving carefully, Superteen located Mark trying to leave through a back door. Seconds later, she had him by the scruff of the neck, and tossed him across the room.

    "Hey! What's going on here?", he cried.

    Matt Crawford tried to leave, but found his path blocked by an unseen force.

    "W-W-what gives?", he asked.

    "You don't have an alibi for tonight, do you?", Superteen asked. "Your victim can positively identify you after your fool's folly."

    Crawford pulled a knife and swung at open air. Superteen got behind him and knocked him out with a judo chop to the back of the head. Meanwhile, Mark Crawford and the rest of the gang had tried to escape, but found the police waiting for them, acting on a tip. Seeing the lighted sirens, Sabrina motioned for Superteen to leave.

    "This is our cue to cut out.", she said.
    By the time she returned home, Betty had reverted to her normal form, with the danger having passed. Sabrina paused in the garage and packed away the blacklight fabric back into her car.

    "We're only going to use this one more time.", she said. "I'll tell you about it in the morning."

    The next day, right before homeroom, Sabrina filled Betty in on plans for the blacklight.

    "Barbara's hosting an open house at the store on Sunday, and needs volunteers to serve as mannequins. There should be six in all."

    "Six?", Betty repeated.

    "Three pantyhose forms and three full-length mannequins. I figure we can use the blacklight on ourselves and Chloe so the three of us will be pantyhose forms. I even picked up some latex tights to wear under the hose for effect."

    "Sounds like you already volunteered us."

    "No, Chloe did, in speaking privately with Barbara on Wednesday. I just hope she knows what she's doing."
    On Sunday, Chloe was paired with her twin sister, Christina, in one of the display windows, while Betty was posed beside Emily Palmer. Louise Berardi was the other full mannequin, posed and placed beside the "new arrivals" display, while Sabrina was stationed near---where else?---the lingerie section. Louise, Emily, & Christina wore latex bodysuits and masks to create the illusion of being mannequins, and all six were "frozen" by Barbara's telepathy for the duration of the open house, which was three hours.

    The open house was a success, but as the women returned to the dressing room to change, Chloe seemed strangely silent. Sabrina probed her friend's mind and discovered......

    "Chloe was sleeping after Barbara posed her.", Sabrina said as she removed the blacklight from Chloe's body and woke her up. "I know we took up yoga for something like this, but this was extreme."

    "I was tired.", Chloe said. "You would be, too, if you were up all night rehearsing, trying to figure out the appropriate pose."

    "But was it fun, sis?", Christina asked.

    "Sure was. Let's do it again sometime."

    Later, Sabrina packed the blacklight away in her basement, locking it in a special locker that only she would access.

    "I guess we'll save it for the next open house?", Betty asked.

    "Yes. Open Houses and Halloween seem to be the most appropriate times. I don't know about you, but I got a kick out of being an invisible ghost the other night. You?"

    "Same here, partner.", Betty replied, offering a high five. "Now, I think we'd better find some appropriate dresses for our dates."
    We'll return to Riverdale another time. The end.
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