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Yin Yang Yo!

Discussion in 'toonzone Animation Wiki' started by TeamFX, Aug 27, 2008.

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    '''''Yin Yang Yo!''''' is an animated program that is broadcast on Jetix networks and affiliates worldwide. It was created by Bob Boyle, who came up with its central premise due to a chance encounter with a little girl who wore a shirt with the words "samurai in training" written upon it. He began to think about the possibilities of an animated program that featured adorable characters fighting the forces of evil, in which he ultimately decided to use rabbits as the main characters because he felt that they embodied his vision perfectly. However, as he began to further develop his series, he recalled back on previous experiences when networks requested that pitched ideas have more "boy appeal" or "girl appeal", so he decided to use the opportunity to create an animated program that could reach both audiences. He merged the idea with another idea, and with the help of Steve Marmel, he settled upon two rabbits, brother and sister, who contained extreme personalities that were stereotypically associated with their gender. The two of them felt that the stereotypes would allow the characters to play off of one another in an entertaining fashion and they chose to focus on that aspect of the animated program as they furthered its development. They named the girl character "Yin" and the boy character "Yang", due to their conflicting yet complimentary role within the series; they also gave the characters powers that stemmed directly from the stereotypes that had been established.

    == Premise ==

    Throughout the history of the world, Woo Foo knights and their apprentices have dedicated their lives to fighting the forces of evil. However, the ancient martial art has lost its popularity over the years and it is coming close to being completely forgotten. The last Woo Foo master in the world, Master Yo, had hoped to retire in order to live out the remainder of his days in peace. However, when two young rabbits named Yin and Yang arrive at his dojo, he decides to come out of retirement in order to train the next generation of heroes.

    == Characters ==

    === Heroes ===

    '''Yin''' is a pink rabbit who is serving an apprenticeship under Master Yo alongside her brother, Yang. She is a liberal minded girl who has a sincere desire to make the world a better place, but she can be shallow at times and overly judgmental. Despite the fact that Master Yo wants her to learn both the might and magic aspects of Woo Foo, she refuses to do so, as she believes that physical violence is beneath her and should only be used in certain situations. She is voiced by Stephanie Morgenstern.

    *Yin's Abilities
    **Energy Ray
    **Foo Field
    **Foo Orb
    **Pretty Pink Paws Of Pain
    **Woo Foo Aura
    **Woo Foo Racket
    **Unnamed Lasso Magic
    **Unnamed Lightning Magic
    **Unnamed Titanium Magic
    **Unnamed Wind Magic

    '''Yang''' is a blue rabbit who is serving an apprenticeship under Master Yo alongside his sister, Yin. He is an overly aggressive boy who loves to fight and hit things, but underneath his hard exterior lies a compassionate individual who cares a lot more about people than he lets them know. Despite the fact that Master Yo wants him to learn both the might and magic aspects of Woo Foo, he refuses to do so, as he believes that magic is a girly thing and that physical attacks are much cooler to use in a fight. He is voiced by Scott McCord.

    *Yang's Abilities
    **Feet Of Fury
    **Fists Of Fire
    **Jam Hammer
    **Man Smash
    **Paws Of Pain
    **Power Punch
    **Woo Foo Aura

    '''Master Yo''' is the last Woo Foo master in the world, though he is also the last panda on the planet. He is well over one-hundred years old and has had countless battles with the forces of evil; he had hoped to retire, but his plans were delayed when he decided to train the next generation of Woo Foo warriors, Yin and Yang. He is voiced by Martin Roach.

    === Villains ===

    '''The Night Master''' is the title given to the ultimate evil in the realm. Each time the Night Master is defeated, it is possible for another individual to assume the mantle and take over, providing they meet the requirements to do so. There have been numerous Night Masters throughout the history of the world, and it has always been the sworn duty of Woo Foo to defeat them. Each Night Master has unimaginable power, but due to the fact that they're all darkness based, bright lights can nullify them and even cause the Night Master immense pain. In the first season, the Night Master had been banished for one-hundred years and is preparing to make his return to the world. When he isn't busy reveling in his evil deeds, he likes to think about new outfits with Flaviour, his servant and tailor. His real name is never revealed. He is voiced by David Hemblen.

    '''Carl''' is an evil cockroach wizard. He has a complicated family life, as he is routinely abused by his brother, Herman, and neglected by his mother, Edna. He hopes to destroy Woo Foo in order to prove that he is evil enough to earn their respect, as the family prides itself on being evil. However, even though Carl genuinely loves his family and wants their respect, their poor treatment of him has left him a bit jaded; he often insults them, and even uses them and undermines their plans in certain situations. Despite his overt exclamations, Carl is overly sensitive and is prone to becoming distracted when people insult him. He is voiced by Jamie Watson.

    '''Ultimoose''' is a moose who likes to believe that he is the epitome of masculinity. He routinely mocks those who do things that he considers girlish and has developed his own martial art, ultimate moose fighting, which he refuses to teach to girls. It is unknown why his antlers do not grow, but in order to compensate for this, he uses mechanical antlers that have a wide array of battle functions. He also speaks of himself in the third person and screams out his battle cry whenever he gets the chance. When the Night Master decided that it was time to return to the world, Ultimoose was one of the first people he recruited, as he felt that he would be able to break the bond between Yin and Yang. He is voiced by Tony Daniels.

    '''Yuck''' is a pale green rabbit who was created when Yin and Yang used their Woo Foo powers against one another, as it resulted in their negative personality traits being removed and placed inside of a newly created being. Through such, Yuck is a mixture of Yin and Yang, as he has Yin's desire for control and Yang's desire for aggression. This allows him to do things that the neither Yin nor Yang would be capable of doing, and unlike either of them, he likes to use both might and magic. Despite the fact that he owes his entire existence to a lucky amount of random events, Yuck is fully intent on fulfilling his goal of becoming the most powerful Woo Foo knight in the world, even though he doesn't care about their sworn duties. He is voiced by Scott McCord.

    '''Herman''' is the emperor of Antsylvania. He wants to use his massive armies to take over the world, which is something that he came quite close to doing, but he is allergic to panda dander and has been stopped by Master Yo in previous attempts. However, Herman refuses to let go of his ambitions and his armies are always ready to march on a moment's notice. He is his mother's favorite son and owes much of his success to her support, so he tries his best to make it up to her. Despite his small stature, Herman is one of the strongest individuals in the world and makes use of that fact in order to coerce people into doing what he wants. He is voiced by Damon Papadapoulos.

    '''The Chung Pow Kitties''' are multi-talented ninja cats who are renown throughout the world. Most people know of them due to their sharp weapons and slick moves, but they also have their own rock band and have performed theatrically on Broadway. Despite the fame that they have acquired, and the wealth that comes along with it, the CPK aren't content with what they have and they are always looking for ways to become more powerful. However, in the grand scheme of things, they are nothing more than cats. They are incapable of communicating with many people and are prone to becoming distracted when somebody has a ball of yarn or something else that cats typically like. They are voiced by Stephanie Morgenstern.

    '''Kraggler''' is an old gargoyle who battled Woo Foo knights when he was younger. However, most people aren't aware of this fact and they generally treat him like a harmless old man. After an accident involving the chronologicum, Kraggler gained the ability to absorb the youth of any living thing that he touches, though he is also capable of giving them youth instead. Despite his long history of evil, he has shown a desire to live out the rest of his life in peace, though he usually comes out of retirement when people make fun of him for his age. He is voiced by Tony Daniels.

    '''Pondsc├╝m''' is a gold fish from Switzerland who attempts to hide his accent through assuming an urban persona that he had developed. With the help of a robotic suit, he is fully capable of moving on land and has assembled a posse to help him commit crimes. He is usually guarded by his Blixens, two sharply dressed woman who are capable of both fighting and dancing, and he had temporarily worked with an octopus who served as both his right hand man and personal translator. Despite being an aquatic species, he is an exceptional cook. He is voiced by Jonathan Wilson.

    '''Zarnot''' is an action figure who was once Yang's favorite toy, but after Yang's eleventh birthday, he was tossed aside as he was deemed too childish. He was brought to life by the lie fairy and vowed to spend the rest of his days trying to destroy Yang. He is voiced by Jamie Watson.

    '''Fastidious J. Spiffington''' is a hamster who is often mistaken for being a gerbil. He is obsessed with cleanliness and strives to wipe filth off of the face of the planet, regardless of whether or not it is legal for him to do so. He also invents things in his spare time, as he has created a wide array of technological gadgets to help him in his task. He is voiced by Mark Bowen.

    '''Saranoia''' is a sorceress cat who had a rough childhood. Her father used a magic spell in order to force her to study continuously while her brother, Mark, never had a care in the world. Over time, this had detrimental effects on her mental health and she developed a belief that all men were collectively responsible for the problems that she had during her life. She chose to become a witch in order to use her magical powers to help further the cause of female rights, though most people can tell that she is obviously psychotic and has lost her grasp on reality. Shortly after Yin and Yang arrived at the Dojo, Saranoia began to spy on them and vowed that she would do everything the could to help Yin avoid the same fate that she had, even though Yin is perfectly happy with her current situation. Despite Saranoia's abilities, her powers are limited to the type of wand that she chooses to use. She is voiced by Linda Ballantyne.

    '''GP''' is a gnome who serves as Saranoia's henchman, despite the fact that he believes that she's too crazy and stupid to be an actual threat. He usually tries to help her realize what she's doing wrong, but she seldom takes his advice. In the second season, GP decided to quit his job and ultimately managed to absorb a lot of dark energy, giving him immense power. He renamed himself '''FR-PED''', which is an acronym for Frighteningly Really Powerful Enraged Doomgiver. However, after much consideration, he still isn't sure whether he should use his powers for good or for evil. He is voiced by David Berni.

    '''The Lesson''' used to be a respected hero that devoted his life to defeated two evil spirits that caused people to eat too much and not exercise. However, when he learned that people are now making such decisions without the involvement of the two evil spirits, he decided to return to the world and teach people lessons through unconventional means. Despite his noble intentions, the people of the world are terrified of him and believe he is nothing more than a villain. He is voiced by Roger Bumpass.

    '''Roger''' is a skelewog who used to be a full-time villain, but after his marriage, he only had time to be a part-time villain. Despite the fact that he is tremendously powerful, he is seldom capable of defeating anybody because his overbearing wife attempts to control every aspect of his life. When he isn't doing his job, he helps out around the house in order to help his wife take care of their children. He is voiced by Dwayne Hill.

    '''Smoke''' is an oriental girl; she is Mirrors' sister. She is an adept fighter who travels the world looking for new forever friends, which she captures in her prison prisms and forces them to fight until they die in an honorable death in battle. She often competes with Mirrors in order to prove that she better than him, as she feels that she must continuously prove herself. When she isn't busy dealing with that aspect of her life, she likes to practice her serenity trance and think up intricate plans to defeat Yang. She is voiced by Novie Edwards.

    '''Edna''' is a dragon and she is the mother of both Carl and Herman. While she may not be a true villain, she encourages both of her sons to commit evil deeds in order to prove that they love her. However, she usually favors Herman over Carl and has essentially labeled him as her favorite son, much to Carl's chagrin. In her spare time, she usually watches television and works on her personal shrine to Master Yo, whom she has a crush on; this implies that Carl and Herman's father is no longer married to Edna, or that their father is no longer alive. She is voiced by Kathleen Lasky.

    '''The Lie Fairy''' is a magical fairy who comes into the world on certain occasions when people tell a lie, as she finds a way to use their lie to come back and haunt the person who said it. She likes to believe that she is doing a good thing, but she doesn't care about the consequences of her actions and is willing to put lives at stake in order to drive her point across. She is voiced by Kathleen Lasky.

    '''Mirrors''' is an oriental boy; he is Smoke's brother. He is an adept fighter who travels the world looking for new forever friends, which he captures in his prison prisms and forces them to fight until they die an honorable death in battle. He often competes with Smoke in order to prove that he is better than her, though he believes that he is automatically better than her merely because he is male. He is voiced by Jonathan Wilson.

    '''Badfoot''' is a horse who is known as the eighth unnatural wonder of the world, as well as the hardest working enemy of Woo Foo. He is a master of funk and beats the Woo Foo out of his enemies with his magical lick-n-stick, a magical rod that absorbs Woo Foo for an unknown purpose. Despite his superior strength and confidence, he is incapable of doing anything without the support of his horn section. He is voiced by Orlando Jones.

    '''The Puffin''' is a puffin who wears a tuxedo and always carries a monocle and umbrella with him. Despite the fact that he is a villain, he refuses to do much until it rains, though he is quite capable of causing a distraction that gives his colleagues a better chance to succeed. He is voiced by Jim Belushi.

    '''Mastermind''' is an evil wizard who once had an empire that spanned twelve continents on a planet that only had seven continents. He was extraordinarily powerful, but a series of events resulted in the removal of his body, leaving him nothing more than a floating skull with magical mittens that obey his commands. He spends his days looking for somebody with a capable body that he can steal for his own purposes. He is voiced by Peter Crugo.

    '''The Manotaur''' is a man with horse hooves. Unlike the other individuals in the world, he has five fingers; he also has a wide array of uncommon technological gadgets that he uses in order to get what he wants. He is extremely wealthy and uses his money to collect comics and other collectibles based on the ?U Dude? series. He hopes to one day convince The Womanotaur to return his affections, though he believes that he needs to get a luscious wig to cover his bald head for that to happen. He is voiced by Seth MacFarlane.

    '''Flaviour''' is the Night Master's servant and tailor. He does his best to give the Night Master sound fashion device, though the two of them seldom agree on what should be worn. He is voiced by David Berni.

    '''Charles''' is an ant who is second-in-command in the armies of Herman; it is for this reason that he usually finds himself in leadership roles during operations. While Herman doesn't particularly care about any of his soldiers, he has placed some degree of trust in Charles, as he is often tasked to collect objects that Herman specifically requires. Charles is extremely obedient, though he has questioned his loyalty on certain occasions.

    === Town Residents ===

    '''Coop''' is a chicken who is seldom taken seriously by the other residents of town, as they believe that he's nothing more than an annoying nerd. He isn't without friends, though most of them are outcasts like him. He is deeply in love with Yin, but she refuses to treat him with dignity because she feels that he is far below her standards; it is for this reason that he joined up with the Night Master, as he was promised that Yin would be forced to return his affections after the world was conquered. In the second season, Coop is still deeply tainted with evil energies despite the fact that he's no longer serving the Night Master. He is voiced by Jonathan Wilson.

    '''Lina''' is a country girl who works on a farm alongside her father. She is a tomboy, as many of her favorite activities have proven, though she still has a feminine side. She is Yin's best friend and she has a crush on Yang, but Yin tricked her into playing hard-to-get and she usually acts like she isn't interested in him. In the second season, she ignores Yin's advice and makes her feelings known. She is voiced by Novie Edwards.

    '''Roger Jr.''' is a skelewog who is named after his father, Roger; like his father, he is capable of performing extraordinary physical feats. Due to the fact that his father is Yin and Yang's part-time enemy, Roger attempts to be their enemy as well, though he mostly focuses on Yang; the two of them often fight one another in order to improve upon their skills, and they routinely insult one another as well. However, Roger Jr. actually has a longstanding desire to be Yang's friend, and after the events in the first season, a friendship is formed between them. He is voiced by Damon Papadopoulos.

    '''Dave''' is a tree stump who is often bullied and ridiculed by many of the residents of town. He wants to be Yin and Yang's friend, but they believe that he is too whiny and ignore him on a regular basis. Due to the fact that he is a tree, he is capable of taking a lot more damage than most other individuals, though he is also capable of communicating with trees that aren?t normally capable of communicating. Despite his lack of popularity, Dave loves to throw parties and many people routinely attend them. He is voiced by Jonathan Wilson.

    '''Coop's Mother''' is a chicken whose name has not, as of yet, been revealed. She is very protective of her son and resents Yin and Yang for constantly putting him in harm's way. When she was younger, she was a huge fan of Master Yo's band, Pandangerous, and remains a fan to this day. Many of the boys in the town consider her highly attractive and often try to spend time with her whenever they get the chance. She is voiced by Jennifer Coolidge.

    '''The President Of Town''' is a goat who holds the highest position of government in the town where Yin and Yang live. He is somewhat narcissistic, as he seldom appreciates those who help him and he has a giant statue of himself that he polishes on a regular basis. Many people know him as Muffin, which is a name he has come to accept; it isn't his real name, but it's the name that Carl gave him. He is voiced by Dwayne Hill.

    '''F. Elf Schmelfman''' is an elf who works as both a reporter and a talk show host for various television networks; he occasionally works with Nancy O'Delf. Many people watch his shows in hopes of seeing people get embarrassed, or to learn about the latest celebrity gossip. He had a chance to join a cookie factory when he was younger, but chose to turn down that offer in order to pursue his dreams. He is voiced by Dwayne Hill.

    '''Nancy O'Delf''' is an elf who works as an entertainment journalist for various television networks. Her primary show is "Elves Talking About People More Popular Than You", where she works alongside F. Elf Schmelfman to report on the latest celebrity gossip. She is voiced by Nancy O'Dell.

    === The Stink Aardvarks ===

    '''Francis''' is the king of the stink aardvarks, and in accordance with such, has a massive army of highly trained ninjas at his disposal. Unlike many of the other rulers in the realm, he has no desire to take over the world, but he is willing to use his soldiers as assassins in order to kill those whom he felt has wronged him. Francis mainly focuses on the day-to-day affairs of his kingdom, though much of his time is devoted to remaining the smelliest individual in the world; he also has a daughter named Melodia and an unspecified number of sons. He is voiced by Jonathan Wilson.

    '''Melodia''' is the princess of the stink aardvarks. Due to the way that she was raised by her father, she is used to getting everything that she wants; this has caused her to have problems handling rejection, as she usually uses her father's armies in order to exact revenge upon those whom she feels has wronged her. She has a crush on Yang due to his poor personal hygiene, but the feelings aren't mutual. She is voiced by Megan Fahlenbock.

    === Redneckistan Residents ===

    '''Jobeaux''' appears to be a typical citizen of Redneckistan. He has poor hygiene and poor communication skills, and his intellect leaves a lot to be desired. However, unlike many of his colleagues, Jobeaux is adept in Woo Foo and has an interest in serving a temporary apprenticeship in order to see what powers he can learn. He is voiced by Bill Engvall.

    === Historical Figures ===

    '''Wooda''' was one of the ancient Woo Foo masters. He was Shooda's cousin and worked alongside her in hopes of defeating the undead invisigoths. He preferred to use his frost power in order to defeat evil. He is voiced by Martin Roach.

    '''Shooda''' was one of the ancient Woo Foo masters. She was Wooda's cousin and worked alongside him in hopes of defeating the undead invisigoths. She preferred to use her flood power in order to defeat evil. She is voiced by Linda Ballantyne.

    '''Ti''' was one of the ancient Woo Foo masters. She worked alongside Chai in order to train a large number of Woo Foo knights in hopes of defeating the evil Eradicus. She preferred to use her gravy power in order to defeat evil. She is voiced by Linda Ballantyne.

    '''Chai''' was one of the ancient Woo Foo masters. He worked alongside Ti in order to train in order to train a large number of Woo Foo knights in hopes of defeating the evil Eradicus. He preferred to use his marbleize power in order to defeat evil. He is voiced by Jonathan Wilson.

    '''Eradicus''' was an extremely powerful gryphon who ultimately managed to become his era's Night Master. He used his armies to destroy cities and slaughter Woo Foo knights in hopes that he could eliminate them permanently. He is voiced by Jonathan Wilson.

    == Episodes ==
    See [[Yin Yang Yo! Episode Guide]] for detailed information about each episode.

    === Season One ===

    In the first season of Yin Yang Yo!, the Night Master plans to return to the world and employs the help of various individuals in order to gather information on Yin and Yang, as well as to potentially sever their close relationship in order to make them easier to defeat. Master Yo is not aware of his actions, but he knows that a great evil is lurking in the distance and hopes to train Yin and Yang in both the might and magic aspects of Woo Foo, as they will need both if they wish to overcome the dark days ahead. With each passing day, Yin and Yang continue their training and their studies, combating various villains who threaten the town in which they live, while Master Yo collects weapons that may potentially be used in the upcoming battle. It is only a matter of time until the Night Master makes his move.

    === Season Two ===

    In the second season of Yin Yang Yo!, Yang is given a task by four spirits to collect some powerful artifacts that form a suit of armor. Meanwhile, various individuals attempt to become the new Night Master in hopes of expanding upon their power.

    == Artifacts ==

    '''The Woo Foo Scrolls''' was given to Woo Foo masters Ti and Chai by the Mistress of the Murk. It contains life lessons that were designed to help those in training remain on the virtuous path.
    *The lesson that's not new and shiny still might be the one that's fine-y.
    *A rock-like exterior does not shield the heart within.
    *When might and magic work as one, a villain's plan can be undone.
    *A Woo Foo knight is like orange chicken; sweet and sour. You need a balance of all your ingredients, not just the pleasant ones.
    *The reed that does not bend is destined to break.
    *You cannot make yourself bigger by making people feel smaller.
    *That which glitters can also blind.
    *That which you desire may not be that which you require.
    *Goofing off is lots of fun, but responsibility gets things done.
    *You cannot have more without that which came before.
    *The debt of arrogant is difficult to repay.
    *Sometimes help can come from unexpected places.
    *What goes around comes around.
    *The ties that bind family leave softer bruises.
    *One drop of evil can cause a crashing wave of trouble.
    *The most potent weapon of the warrior is not the first but the head.
    *Hateful things you say or do eventually will turn back on you.
    *Children must respect their elders.
    *He who walks through life all grumpy will find his day forever bumpy.

    '''The Adult Diaper Of Doom''' is one of the objects inside of the forbidden armory. It is a tool that works in three steps to grant the wearer various doom based powers, including the power to shoot lasers from their eyes and alter reality to their whim.

    '''The Amnesulet''' is an object of immense power. It can be used to erase certain memories of anybody in the world, or to implant false memories instead. It also has a reset button that can be used to allow the user to live through the previous day again so that they can make better decisions.

    '''Blood Raven's Double Blade Of Destiny''' is one of the objects inside of the forbidden armory. It is a powerful blade with jagged edges that once belonged to an ancient Woo Foo knight.

    '''The Book Of Forbidden Evil''' is one of the objects inside of the forbidden armory. It contains dark secrets that could jeopardize the stability of the world if it fell into the wrong hands, which is why it has been guarded by Woo Foo knights for centuries.

    '''The Broach Of Irresistibility''' is a magical piece of jewelry. It has the power to make the wearer irresistible in the eyes of a specific target, causing the target to fall in love with the wearer of the artifact regardless of the circumstances.

    '''The Charm Of Fooplication''' is a magical piece of jewelry. It has the power to duplicate anything in the world, whether it's an inanimate object or a living creature.

    '''The Chronologicum''' is an object of immense power. It can be used to transfer age amongst those who use it, providing all of the involved parties are willing participants. It can also move those who use it through time, whether as an unseen observer or to permanently stay in the altered timeline.

    '''The Earring Of Evolutional Dominance''' is a magical piece of jewelry. It has the power to splice together two or more creatures in order to instantaneously create a chimera that contained the genetic makeup of the creatures that were used.

    '''Galadora's Hammer''' is one of the objects inside of the forbidden armory. It is a powerful two-ball flail that once belonged to an ancient Woo Foo knight.

    '''The Geosynchronometer''' is one of the objects inside of the forbidden armory. It has the power to realign celestial objects when it is charged with Woo Foo.

    '''The Glasses Of Ultimate Smartness''' are a free prize inside of a cereal box. They bestow the wearer with limitless knowledge at the expense of social tact.

    '''The Knife & Fork Of Infinite Devourness''' are magical utensils. They allow the wielder to consume more food than would normally be possible.

    '''The Knuckles Of Infinite Smack Down''' are magical weapons. When equipped, they allow the wielder to do an extreme amount of damage with their punches.

    '''Laladdin's Amp''' is one of the objects inside of the forbidden armory. It has the power to control the free will of specific targets, providing they are in range when it's used to amplify a musical instrument.

    '''The Licking Stick''' is a magical weapon. It has the power to absorb Woo Foo energies when it hits somebody who is trained in Woo Foo.

    '''The Litter Box Of Morphitude''' was owned by Woo Foo masters Ti and Chai. It is a toilet for felines that absorbed Woo Foo energies due to the masters' use of it, so those who scratch into the litter can absorb a small portion of the embedded energies.

    '''The Solid Gold Woo Foo Recliner Of Infinite Enlightenment''' is a highly decorative piece of furniture. It causes those who sit on it to enter a twelve hour meditative slumber, providing that they have been trained in Woo Foo.

    '''The Toilet Brush Of Illumination''' is an object of immense power. It has the ability to reveal hidden truths, though the bright light it emits can also be used to blind enemies and damage shadow based lifeforms.

    '''The Woo Foo Clicker''' is a magical remote control. It has the power to transport people inside of a television program or movie, providing its batteries are charged.

    '''The Woo Foo Tie & Suspenders''' is a magical outfit. It has the power to absorb unnatural dark energies from good creatures.

    '''The Woo Foo Undies Of Unlimited Destiny''' is an object of immense power. It can increase the power of those trained in Woo Foo exponentially, even allowing them to temporarily control the free will of others.

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    == External Links ==

    [http://tv.disney.go.com/jetix/yinyangyo/ Official Site]

    [http://www.toondisneymedianet.com/web/showpage/showpage.aspx?program_id=3112709&type=lead Toon Disney Medianet Site]

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